Aries: Spiky, shark-like tail. Blood red and has sharp scales, abrasive to the touch.
Taurus: Soft, smooth edges. Forest green in color, with black outlined scales.
Gemini: Long, thin tail. Has orange, glimmery scales that are almond-shaped.
Cancer: Has a somewhat short tail, and fans out towards the end. Is a gradient violet color, getting deeper towards the tips.
Leo: Long, regal tail that fans out in a crown shape. Has glittery and golden colored scales.
Virgo: Slightly longer than average tail, with sharp and precise edges. Is a shade of royal blue, would blend in with surroundings, if not for their glimmer.
Libra: Bright, neon green. Elongated tail, with fanned out flukes. Sparkles in the sunlight.
Scorpio: Jet-black tail, long, and graceful. Matte black, often reflects moonlight.
Sagittarius: Bright purple with sharp, jagged edges. Somewhat short tail, can be bruised from many adventures.
Capricorn: Indigo, blue-violet tail. Broad and muscular, mermaids with these tails mean business.
Aquarius: Holographic tails, reflects light. Often thin tails with fanned out edges.
Pisces: Rainbow or multi-colored tails, Piscean tails come in all shapes and sizes.

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