the signs as cliche movie lines

Aries: *person is talking shit about someone when everyone falls silent* “they’re right behind me, aren’t they?”
Taurus: “if i don’t make it, tell [significant other] i love them”
Gemini: antagonist telling the protagonist “we’re not so different, you and i”
Cancer: “dad he’s not just some boy, i love him!”
Leo: *bad guys approach* “uh, guys. we’ve got company”
Virgo: “son you’re giving up your dream!” “no dad, i’m giving up yours”
Libra: “you look/sound/act just like your mother”
Scorpio: “i don’t even know who you are anymore!”
Sagittarius: *going into the final standoff* “this ends now”
Capricorn: *looking warily off into the distance* “there’s a storm coming”
Aquarius: “this isn’t what it looks like”
Pisces: *going into a sketchy situation* “guys, i’ve got a bad feeling about this”

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