The signs as mythical creatures


Aries: Sondaughter of demons. Darkly attractive, menacing smiles. Good at feigning innocence and inciting sympathy, just to lure people into their trap.

Taurus: a star bound to a human body. Very soft and beautiful, although intimidating. Protective of the people they love.

Gemini: Kind of like a ghost, in the form of a small child. Emits a golden glow. An omen of death.

Cancer: A protecter the earth. Brings good weather. Tall, plain but beautiful, flowers in their hair, and sparkling light eyes.

Leo: Were”animal”. In human form, dark skin, knowing eyes, slender. In animal form, can be any animal necessary for survival, has a natural instinct for escape. Protecter of the greater good.

Virgo: A muse a sorts. Appearance will change to fit whatever will inspire the artist. Immortal. All knowing.

Libra: All the force of a hurricane in one human body. Dark skin, eyes so dark they are almost black. Beautiful but unapproachable, has a bad temper.

Scorpio: A spirit which possesses the essence of evil. Only appears at night, long flowing hair. Is arguably a good person, for they only use their powers on those who get away with terrible crimes.

Sagittarius: Iggy Azalea’s Career

Capricorn: A guardian angel in a human form. Eternal youth, skilled healer. In action their eyes turn a light pink colour and their skin is so pale it can appear transparent.

Aquarius: Looks like a mermaid, sings like a siren, kills like a demon. Striking, but the most deadly. Appearance differs, but is predominantly green eyes and blonde hair.

Pisces: A God/Goddess of seduction. Very attractive and intoxicating, created to find unfaithful men to be doomed to hell. Tall, mysterious.

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