the signs, first impression/ when you get to know them


Aries: kind, helpful and very confident/ fucking bossy but gets shit done

Taurus: cute, quiet and sweet/ strong minded and a giant shit talker

Gemini: funny, loud and annoying/ emotional trainwreck that hides it w/ humor

Cancer: nice, emotive and happy/ giant nerd that makes bad puns

Leo: warm hearted, giving and generous/ stares at the floor a lot, likes hugs

Virgo: shy, anxious and talented/ nice af and always thinking about space

Libra: beautiful, social and oblivious / super intelligent and really clumsy

Scorpio: grumpy, distant and a bit rude/ totally cute, dorky ball of anxious fluff

Sagittarius: strange, optimistic and hot/ really attached to their music, ditzy

Capricorn: passive, well liked and adorable/ super aggressive when mad

Aquarius: super smart, quirky and stubborn/ will love you no matter what, total sweetheart

Pisces: weird af, shy and artsy fartsy/ totally talented weirdo who gets excited by art supplies

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