the signs and their contradictions

aries: super out-there adventurer but super scared inside
taurus: super romantics and cute inside but such bad flirters
gemini: insanely brilliant but such freakin’ slow readers
cancer: literally so nice externally but judgmental inside
leo: diabolically arrogant yet in need of constant validation
virgo: incredibly observant of others but don’t know when they need help themselves
libra: emotionally stunted but talented, moving artists
scorpio: cute as hell, but that’s where they come from
sagittarius: everyone adores them, but they struggle with adoring themselves
capricorn: ride a fine line between being amazing leaders and being crazy bossy/neurotic (love u tho)
aquarius: knowledgeable, innovative thinkers who don’t like to try hard in school
pisces: seem gentle and nice but can go on a mind-blowingly thought out and informative rant about their passions before u can say “wait wat”

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