the signs getting ready in the morning

Aries: blasts nicki minaj while getting ready to give them motivation
Taurus: throws their alarm clock across the room and goes back to sleep, and is 2 hours late
Gemini: falls asleep with their face in their cereal and spills coffee everywhere
Cancer: cries but gets ready on time
Leo: whines about how early they have to get up and does their makeup in the car
Virgo: rolls out of bed and onto the floor when the alarm goes off
Libra: gets up early enough to take a shower, put on makeup and get together a cute outfit. what even.
Scorpio: walks around like a zombie muttering “fuck” under their breath
Sagittarius: falls asleep in the shower and comes to school/work in their pajamas
Capricorn: crawls out of bed to find coffee, sobbing gently
Aquarius: drinks 10 cups of coffee but still doesn’t quite look alive
Pisces: spends 30 minutes on tumblr and is late, unshowered and wearing sweatpants

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