HIYA! Do you have any advice for someone about to take traditions next week?

Hello, my darling!!! Welcome to Disney!! 🙂 Traditions is long but super fun and you are going to be drowning in pixie dust by the end of it and it’ll be wonderful.  

-You’ve gotten the guidelines about how to dress nicely, but make sure it’s something comfortable!! You’ll be walking in the utilidors and onstage in MK, so now isn’t a good time for shoes that are too tall or pinch or give you blisters. If you bought new shoes, break them in and spritz some hairspray on the bottom if they’re slippery. And beyond shoes, make sure your clothes are comfortable! For my second Traditions I wore a dress that looked GREAT but was ever so slightly too small, and after sitting for so long I was like OH MY LORD GET THIS THING OFF ME. But still, leave the booty shorts and tube tops at home- they will send you home if your clothes don’t meet guidelines. Additionally, if you were already told that your hair/nails/etc. needed to be fixed to follow Disney look, go ahead and get that taken care of.

-Leave early! If you’re taking the bus from CP housing, get to the stop about 10-15 before the bus is scheduled to arrive. If you’re driving, allow enough time for both traffic and for potentially getting lost. You’ll have a map and Google Maps is generally reliable, but better to be safe than sorry. If you’re too late, they’ll reschedule you.

-Be prepared to meet a lot of people! Traditions classes host about 30-50 new CMs on average. It can be a bit daunting for someone who’s shy or introverted or anxious (like me) but everyone’s a little nervous too and it’s a great time to meet people! I ended up meeting two girls that ended up in my next orientation class, and then we all started in the same area, so it was great to start out already knowing people! (plus @katiegiraffe is literally like the nicest person in the world.)

-Bring a water bottle! It’s Florida. It’s hot. Stay hydrated. They have coolers in the classrooms, but this way you’re not constantly getting up to get a drink. You’ll also want to bring a lunch or money for food in the cast cafeteria.

-Study up on your Disney characters. Know as many as possible. I won’t say why, but it may come in handy.

-Bring tissues in case you cry when a special guest arrives to bring you your brand new cast member nametag.

So yeah! Here are my best tips on acing Traditions. Good luck, and welcome to the company!!

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