The signs as writers

Aries: Spends weeks coming up with complex characters, their motivations, histories, likes, and dislikes, but has no idea what world to put them in or what plot to use
Taurus: Works on one project for hours every day for about a week then spends two months with a horrible case of writer’s block
Gemini: Constantly talks about their characters like they’re real-life people
Cancer: Has a propensity for breaking the fourth wall at every opportunity
Leo: Uses stand-in names for every character and place until they think of something better; half of them stick and are never changed
Virgo: Writes drunk, edits sober
Libra: Writes drunk, edits drunk
Scorpio: Intense worldbuilding with extensive culture notes and giant maps that could take up their entire wallspace
Sagittarius: Puts dragons in every single story no matter what
Capricorn: Metaphors. Metaphors everywhere.
Aquarius: Writes a lot of fanfiction with AUs so different from the source material that they could probably be original pieces
Pisces: Creates characters based on real-life enemies, kills them off in creative ways

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