the signs as spies


aries: the totally dedicated spy that will crawl through air vents to break into places and snapchat their friends at the same time
taurus: the dependable spy that shows up last minute to help finish a fight and also their fake accents are on point
gemini: the inconspicuous spy that tries to listen in on a secret discussion but their phones goes off and their ringtone is like a hannah montana song and it blows their cover
cancer: the clumsy spy that doesn’t see the red laser censors and just walks through them and gets caught but somehow escapes lol
leo: the badass spy that knows all these ninja moves but when it comes to actually fighting they resort to pulling their enemy’s hair but if the enemy touches their hair they’re dead
virgo: the analytical spy that spots details and clues that no one else notices and ends up saving the day almost every time
libra: the chill spy that flies their helicopter to starbucks before starting their secret mission bc priorities
scorpio: the seductive spy that stealthily collects the enemy’s secrets but can barely breathe bc their hot spy outfit is too tight oops
sagittarius: the irresponsible spy that somehow ends up with the task of saving the entire world even though they’re the type of person that would push a red button that says “do not push”
capricorn: the classy spy that wears sunglasses with a formal outfit and looks so professional that even james bond is lowkey jealous
aquarius: the spy that thinks they’re kim possible and says “what’s the sitch” too much
pisces: the weird spy that tells everyone to call them some wacky code name and accidentally gives out classified information

The Signs As Times Of Day + Feelings

Aries: 12 am, sitting around a bonfire on the beach with your friends and making as much noise as you want
Taurus: 5 pm, walking through the streets of your hometown with old friends, laughing, reminiscing, and taking pictures
Gemini: 9 am, just waking up in bed on Saturday after finally getting enough sleep and feeling the energy coursing through your body as you sit up
Cancer: 3 pm, standing on a dock by a lake and watching boats float lazily by and hearing people laughing and splashing in the distance
Leo: 10 pm, in the middle of a concert with your favorite band playing and the drums pounding in your chest
Virgo: 12 pm, sitting by the window on a winter day watching the sun filter gently through the clouds and shining on snow
Libra: 11 am, meeting someone special at a cafe on a spring day and being all nervous and giddy
Scorpio: 4 am, sitting on your bed whispering with someone you love all night, surrounded by silence and stillness as the sun starts to rise
Sagittarius: 2 am, when you finally give up on getting to sleep at a decent hour and suddenly feel restless and productive
Capricorn: 6 am, speeding down an empty freeway on a cool weekend morning in your favorite hoodie
Aquarius: 8 pm, standing in a grassy field with your friends on a warm summer night as fireflies light up
Pisces: 1 am, when you’re in bed listening to music and drifting off to sleep to your favorite song