INFJ Gothic


  • They say you can see the future. You disagree. You cannot see anything. In this modern time, we are all blind to the world, aren’t we?
  • You are a actual crystal ball. When you came of age, you transformed. The ritual is complete.
  • Your unicorn has gone missing. Dark times are ahead.
  • You keep trying to explain that you are a bitch, but no one will believe you. They are all walking past, they will not listen, they must listen. “You’re an INFJ, understanding people makes you the nicest person to walk the earth.” They laugh. There is no hope.
  • They say you must be an INFP. Your form flickers. They know. 
  • INFJs have been extinct since the dawn of time. You are the last. The alpha. You have asserted dominance.
  • You are talking, you have not shut up for years, but they smile, their eyes glazed over. “You are so quiet!” they say. They still will not listen.
  • “You’re so cute and innocent and perfect!” your tenth victim tells you as he lays dying. You smile. They will never catch you. 
  • Your physical body has disintegrated. You are only a floating concept. You do not know how to move anymore.

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