Aries: Waking up at the crack of dawn, being so excited you can’t sleep, watching a rated R movie for the first time, motorcycles in the middle of the night, sunrises, going up on a roller coaster.

Taurus: Bakeries, quintessential country homes, black lights, hookah pens, growing your own veggies and herbs, pinky promises, best friend necklaces, lie detectors, being drunk in your lover’s arms, goodbyes.

Gemini: Retro cartoons, mismatched socks, laughing so hard you can’t finish your own joke, triple-dog-dares, staring contests, Twister, when it rains but the sun is still out, trying to cure hiccups.

Cancer: Ice cream, cashmere blankets, the crash of waves, palm readings, big blue eyes, warmth, the sound of laugher, healing crystals, never letting go, looking for seashells, sea glass.

Leo: Falling asleep in the sun, being at the bottom of the pool, sighs, adrenaline, stage lights, broken glass, gold and silver, the smell of new clothes, popsicles, jelly shoes.

Virgo: The smell of hand sanitizer, french manicures, acetone, white walls, bubble wrap, wooden furniture, small plants, perfect French braids, words tattooed in Chinese, the beach at night, achieving Feng Shui.

Libra: Metallic surfaces, curves on a woman, weddings, receiving a bouquet of flowers, edible fruit arrangements, New York Fashion Week, girl’s night outs, colorful cocktails with cute parasols, lounging poolside.

Scorpio: Midnight, tarot cards, horror movies, primal love, power outages, dripping candle wax, playing an instrument alone, TV glitches, dying flowers, deer running through the woods, red wine, cinnamon buns.

Sagittarius: Biting your nails, needing to catch your breath, old Disney TV shows, relay races, going down a roller coaster, when the air plane first takes off, watching the waves from a cruise balcony, waterslides.

Capricorn: Aquariums, sitting in the back of math class, farmer’s markets, concerts with your best friend, meaningful jewelry, apology texts, working backstage, drunken conversations, Menthol cigarettes, snowy days.

Aquarius: Disappearances, Area 51, galaxies, conspiracy theories, black coffee, pets, parasailing, hangliding, monuments, rainforests, snowflake photography, hot stone massages, acupuncture, Fiji Water.

Pisces: Marianas Trench, matching tattoos, jazz music, traces of glitter from your lover, prom night, watching the stars, concerts, crying of joy, falling in love, psychic abilities, sunsets, white sheets.

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