doll, paper, lace, candle?

Doll ❧ do you collect anything?

Actually…dolls! Specifically the Disney Animator dolls.

Paper ❧ What are you currently reading?

I haven’t had much reading time lately, but I’ve been trying to reread Hunger Games!

Lace ❧ What kind of clothing do you wear?

Lately it’s been a lot of loose fitting short sleeve tees and shorts- I’m not a huge fan of my body at the moment. I like wearing sassy fit and flare dresses though, as long as I feel confident in them.

Candle ❧ what is your favorite scent?

Mm…my favorite candle is Pink Petal Tea Cake, and my favorite perfume is Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet. Scents in general though: fresh laundry, the air after it rains, the smell of the SFX smoke in Alien, and my kitten after a bath.

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