The Signs As Times Of Day + Feelings

Aries: 12 am, sitting around a bonfire on the beach with your friends and making as much noise as you want
Taurus: 5 pm, walking through the streets of your hometown with old friends, laughing, reminiscing, and taking pictures
Gemini: 9 am, just waking up in bed on Saturday after finally getting enough sleep and feeling the energy coursing through your body as you sit up
Cancer: 3 pm, standing on a dock by a lake and watching boats float lazily by and hearing people laughing and splashing in the distance
Leo: 10 pm, in the middle of a concert with your favorite band playing and the drums pounding in your chest
Virgo: 12 pm, sitting by the window on a winter day watching the sun filter gently through the clouds and shining on snow
Libra: 11 am, meeting someone special at a cafe on a spring day and being all nervous and giddy
Scorpio: 4 am, sitting on your bed whispering with someone you love all night, surrounded by silence and stillness as the sun starts to rise
Sagittarius: 2 am, when you finally give up on getting to sleep at a decent hour and suddenly feel restless and productive
Capricorn: 6 am, speeding down an empty freeway on a cool weekend morning in your favorite hoodie
Aquarius: 8 pm, standing in a grassy field with your friends on a warm summer night as fireflies light up
Pisces: 1 am, when you’re in bed listening to music and drifting off to sleep to your favorite song

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