the signs in the revolution against a dystopian society


Aries: dies right away before the revolution even starts(everybody: “Aries, no!”    you: “fuck, yes!”)

Taurus: survives by staying on the down low

Gemini: survives but is actually evil in the end by working for the bad guys 

Cancer: survives by lashing out and killing the most bad guys

Leo: probably “the chosen one”

Virgo: dies right before the end of the revolution

Libra: dies a martyr

Scorpio: the ruler of the dystopian society

Sagittarius: survives and brutally avenges the death of the mother you watched die in front of you at the hands of the government 

Capricorn: survives by using logic and manipulation

Aquarius: dies bc you refused to take a human life

Pisces: creator of the philosophical system of the dystopia

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