Caitlin for the name thing? :)


Caitlin reminds me of a little girl, which I know you probably don’t want to hear because who wants to hear that? But it does. Like, I imagine a Caitlin in a frilly princess dress demanding candy of her father and having honey blonde curls with little pink bows.

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#i’m sorry#i don’t know why#but she’s a pretty princess in my brain#being a princess is okay#right?

I am like 1000000% okay with being a princess!! I mean, I work at Disney. I spend most of my off days in a tiara. I also look like I’m ten.

(although I do try to be the nonspoiled variety of princess.)

(also I’ve hated my name since I knew what it was, so don’t feel bad. I’ve tried going by various nicknames- lately I’ve been considering Elizabeth, which is my middle name- but NOTHING SEEMS TO STICK.)

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