Caitlin for the name thing? :)


Caitlin reminds me of a little girl, which I know you probably don’t want to hear because who wants to hear that? But it does. Like, I imagine a Caitlin in a frilly princess dress demanding candy of her father and having honey blonde curls with little pink bows.

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#i’m sorry#i don’t know why#but she’s a pretty princess in my brain#being a princess is okay#right?

I am like 1000000% okay with being a princess!! I mean, I work at Disney. I spend most of my off days in a tiara. I also look like I’m ten.

(although I do try to be the nonspoiled variety of princess.)

(also I’ve hated my name since I knew what it was, so don’t feel bad. I’ve tried going by various nicknames- lately I’ve been considering Elizabeth, which is my middle name- but NOTHING SEEMS TO STICK.)

Who has two thumbs (one of which is real sore), a fancy drink, a new How to Train Your Dragon shirt, and successfully learned the care and keeping of weaponry today? This little lady!! So ready for gangster training this Saturday. #thelittlestmugsi (at Chuy’s)

I am so excited to officially say that this month I’m starting the next chapter of my Disney story and joining the most notorious crime family Hollywood has never known! Soon you can find me shooting out red lights and stealing priceless jewels. #greatmovieride #slowmovingtramfam #thelittlestmugsi (at The Great Movie Ride)