“I mean, it’s crazy, we finish each other’s-” “Sandwiches!” Tonight was a beautiful ending for #frozensummerfun. I got to stand on the “beach” in front of the stage and watch the dream team in action. There was an overenthusiastic dancing Canadian, a girl who yelled “HI HI HI” till I turned around and posed for her camera, a coterie of snippy cosplayers (no, the rope did not “keep moving” and you could have given that little girl one of those beach balls), a mom who asked “where Frozen?” in the middle of the fireworks, and a trio of precious girls who chatted and sang with me and showed me their nail polish and told me I was beautiful. DJ Chill laughed and called me out when I got hit in the face with a beach ball, but then he put me up on the big screen. And I got to spend time with so many people I love (like @seanmocha and @a_lucc and the lovely ladies in my photo). Hands down one of the best 14 hour shifts I’ve ever worked. (at Frozen Fireworks)

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