So I have one more Not So Scary party scheduled, and I don’t know what to wear!! (Seriously, I’m going to be chained to my sewing machine for two months straight. I love it though.) Any votes on who I should be?

So Astrid is winning by a landslide, but I’m concerned about having enough time to make all those skulls and spikes and armor. Plus…Orlando is hot. So hot. Even in October. Hot and humid. So…I’m thinking about doing a casual Astrid. Almost like a princess!Astrid? But something more like Cinderella’s or Snow’s rags but not raggedy, just a similar shape of a fitted bodice and full skirt. Maybe with a faux lace front? Just definitely not glitter or bows or ruffles. Not that kind of princessy.

I have a sketch and I’m debating. Anyone have any thoughts? Any talented artists who have ideas? Can anyone even make sense of this word vomit?

leave some love!

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