in honor of Star Tours’s 25th anniversary, I shall now share my favorite Star Tours story.


It’s a classic.

So the gate agent was checking the cabin and whatnot, “pull on the yellow strap,” all that jazz, and a lady had her backpack on, and the gate agent was like “ma’am, your bag has to go under your seat.”

And the woman looked confused and horrified, and said “baby go under seat?”

And lo and behold, she take the backpack off and turns it around…


Baby did not go under seat. Baby and mother were hastily escorted out for a rider swap.

But now it is a custom amongst us spaceport agents to yell “baby under seat?” at each other. It’s like our traditional greeting. To which the proper reply is “Ehhh, together, family!”

Reblogging because it’s our 26th anniversary, and also because I think the new movie is coming out? Maybe. I might have seen something about a new Star Wars.

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