yes hi hello stopping by to say I am still alive but barely

holidays at Disney are no joke

working six days a week. many of the hours. much tired. wow.

Things I have experienced in the past few weeks:

-got pushed right in the firearm by a small child

-emergency stopped my vehicle during three different shows because adults think it’s cool to stand up and lean over the side to take pictures

-parking for two weeks at the motherfucking ESPN complex and taking the bus to the park is a thing. oh, and none of the morons working the parking lot work for Disney so it’s a free for all. (seriously, they forgot to leave a lane for cars to exit)

-the park opens at 8 every day, except for the one day it opened at 7

-a lady thought Indiana Jones was the Ten Commandments

-a pigeon got stuck inside the queue and couldn’t get out so it just sat there pooping

-i passed out in the tree during candlelight and had to awkwardly get off the stage

-i then found out the next day I have the flu and that’s why I fainted

-lost my voice completely and had to squawk and cough through my shows

-a guest had a temper tantrum because they were 45 minutes early for their fastpass BUT THEY KNEW IT WAS AS EIGHT BECAUSE THEY WENT TO THE OSBORNE LIGHTS FIRST (no I don’t understand that logic either)

-and a guy got arrested for punching a stormtrooper god bless and merry christmas

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