On the twelfth day of Christmas, Robert Osborne gave to me:
Twelve handpacks running
Eleven rotations pulling
Ten vehicles dying
Nine APs shouting
Eight characters shooting
Seven shifts extending
Six positions dropping
Five “is this a ride?"s
Four tour guide call outs
Three flubbed lines
Two show requests
And a Robert Osborne on every screen!

Merry Christmas from the Great Movie Ride! (at The Great Movie Ride)

in honor of Star Tours’s 25th anniversary, I shall now share my favorite Star Tours story.


It’s a classic.

So the gate agent was checking the cabin and whatnot, “pull on the yellow strap,” all that jazz, and a lady had her backpack on, and the gate agent was like “ma’am, your bag has to go under your seat.”

And the woman looked confused and horrified, and said “baby go under seat?”

And lo and behold, she take the backpack off and turns it around…


Baby did not go under seat. Baby and mother were hastily escorted out for a rider swap.

But now it is a custom amongst us spaceport agents to yell “baby under seat?” at each other. It’s like our traditional greeting. To which the proper reply is “Ehhh, together, family!”

Reblogging because it’s our 26th anniversary, and also because I think the new movie is coming out? Maybe. I might have seen something about a new Star Wars.

a very cast member christmas

So this week my family is here visiting. (I’m working for part of it, and also singing in Candlelight…with America Ferrera, so I’m SUPER EXCITED.) And then I’m working seven straight days in a row, the 18th through the 24th. On Christmas Day I’m off but singing in Candlelight Processional. And then I’m working from the 26th through the 30th.

So basically I can sleep when it’s 2016.

I just have SO MUCH STUFF to do!! I haven’t cleaned my apartment or decorated for Christmas or baked cookies. And I really want to write that Worst Snoggletog Ever fic that @avannak and I were talking about (maybe I can write between sets in gangster??) I haven’t watched a single Christmas movie either.

Or I might spontaneously combust. Who knows.

I know I’ve been posting a lot of planner related nonsense lately, but I have to say how great this has been for me. Setting aside planning time- usually with a candle, some wine, and an episode of Friends- is super calming and therapeutic for me. And it has the added benefit of keeping me organized, which is something that never happens with me! (Shops are tagged. And let me know if you want to see what the finished layout looks like!)