Remember that one time I tried cosplaying and it didn’t turn out too terrible? (Here’s hoping I make it to Megacon and Akaicon this year too!) #cosplay #costume #disneycostume #disneycosplay #frozen #kristoff #kristoffbjorgman #kristabjorgman??

This is such an important photo to me (even if my dad is a terrible photographer!) My sister and I are very close, and every time she comes to visit we disneybound as Anna and Elsa. As a special Christmas gift, I ordered custom crowns for us…only for them to come in wrong, and the seller stopped communicating with me. In a panic I messaged the beautiful Amber from @extrasweetbowtique at the last minute, explaining what went wrong and asking if there as anything she could do. Within minutes she responded, and she saved Christmas with a beautiful set of one of a kind Anna and Elsa holiday bows. She even put them in an adorable gift bag and tucked in some candy canes. I cannot say enough good things about @extrasweetbowtique!! Amber, you are so thoughtful, talented, and wonderful to work with, and I am so honored to call you a friend. ❤️❤️❤️ (at Epcot – Walt Disney World)