From Matt the Radar Technician to a Wendybird. Translated: it might not be the best idea to get up at 2:30 in the morning, run a 10k, and then get dolled up for Dapper Day. #starwars10k #matttheradartechnician #wendydarling #dapperdayspring2016

My mom still teases me because this is the one place I tried to run away in when she took me to Disney when I was five. HAHA MOM YOU CAN’T TEASE ME ANYMORE. (Also, it seems appropriate that I was disneybounding as Kylo Ren for this photo.) (at Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: Movie Set Adventure)

Dress: Bells of London, Ohio dress from Modcloth

Sneakers: Faded Glory

Flower Crown: handmade

I guess this is goodbye, old pal. You greeted me in 1992 when I visited the park for the first time, you were there when I was a scared but excited teenager coming to work at Disney MGM Studios, and you were there when I came back for good. Of all the changes happening to my beloved park, you are the one I’ll miss the most. #earffeltower #disneymgmstudios #disneyshollywoodstudios (at Disney’s Hollywood Studios)