Ok, but who is going to cos play as leia, at Disneyland and demand that Kylo get his butt home right now, because he is in SO much trouble. Totally 100% grounded.



Well, adults aren’t allowed to cosplay at Disneyland, but children are. And having a tiny smol baby Leia tell Kylo Ren he’s grounded would probably be the one of the greatest blessings in the world.


um so I might have actually done this…

…I also might have told him I was taking away his holonet privileges.

It was technically a disneybound! I made the dress and vest (the night before, so it’s not my best work) and wore them with tights and combat boots, so it wasn’t a straight up costume. But it was so much fun. I called him Ben and he stamped his foot.

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