So @seanmocha totally guessed my cosplay correctly so now he has to be my favorite Sean forever now. Sorry all the other Seans I know. But Anna Kyoyama from Shaman King has been my favorite manga/anime character since I was a middle school nerd. #annakyoyama #shamanking #annaasakura #cosplay #akaicon2016

Last night I was Amy March for the masquerade (I didn’t dance and ate three kinds of desserts; also I actually took flattering photos but this is the only one I had on hand) and this morning I was Belle to sing in the Momocon Disney singalong. Who will I cosplay next? #akaicon2016 #amymarch #littlewomen #belle #beautyandthebeast #cosplay

It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day, and I’m pretty sure my darling kitten would be upset if I didn’t properly appreciate him. I can always count on Hiccup for lengthy chats when I get home from work, nibbling on my bare ankles at 5am, and crying to sit on my lap when I just want to take a 103 in peace. He is the best and I adore him. #hiccupthecat