Happy Great Movie pRide Day! As a little girl I was terrified of this ride, but I came back when I was fifteen and loved it, and then came back as a shy eighteen-year-old to work there. I learned and grew so much during my college program. Now I’m a tour guide, a gangster, and a trainer. Thanks to my original training squad- Jamie Kern, Tracie Hardy, and Danielle Salieski- and my new squad- Tracy Fox, J.B., and Jose Santos. And thanks to my gangster mom and dad, Gabe Jarmillo and Jennifer Vasquez. And next month, I’ll have new parents to thank when I take on the role of Kate Durango and start riding off into the sunset! I can’t imagine my life without this ride and these people, and I’m so very blessed. #greatmovieride #greatmoviepride #greatmovieprideday #disneycastmember #disneycastside

“You came to rescue me! But didn’t you bring anyone big with you? Like the police?” #penny #rescuers #mnsshp2016 #disneycostume #disneycosplay #cosplay #costume #cosplayer #notsoscary (at Disney’s Magic Kingdom)

The first weekend of Seussical was a success!! We’ll hopefully be adding another performance for next weekend to make up for the missed one, but right now I’m going to go home and take a nap. #Seussical #gertrudemcfuzz (at Moonlight Players Theater)