Of course I managed to come down with the Great Movie Ride Death Plague two days before Seussical opens, so I’m going to nap and drink Powerade and see if I can get some work done on my Not So Scary costume. (Also, anyone have any good tried and true flu remedies?) #mnsshp #mnsshp2016 #getrudemcfuzzproblems

Stranger Things at Disney

So I work as a gangster at the Great Movie Ride, right? And we’re pretty sure the place is haunted (which is a whole separate post by itself). Well, last night Bryce’s phone started frantically blinking on and off, on and off, and NO ONE COULD GET IT TO STOP.

Bryce responded by picking up a cigarette and shouting “WILL! WILL, WHERE ARE YOU? WILL?”

So if you hear about Disney’s Hollywood Studios getting swallowed up by the Upside Down, it probably started at the Great Movie Ride.

So on my gangster show I announced I was going to collect up everyone’s valuables, and a teeny tiny toddler in row three held up his blankie. And that is the story about how Mugsi nearly stole a baby because he was just too adorable. #thelittlestmugsi (at The Great Movie Ride)