The Panem Bobbysoxer


I don’t…I don’t even know what this outfit is. I didn’t have to teach today- I just had to shelve books and do Narnia rehearsal- so I just wanted to be comfortable. And….I was. Which balanced out the fact that I was wearing a miniskirt, cropped leggings, and saddle shoes. I look about ten.

I also put my hair in a sideways inside-out french braid. The Katniss braid. And so…I stuck my Mockingjay pin in my hair. So yeah. I’m the 1950s version of Katniss. I guess. I don’t know.

In any case, after work I made my dad’s birthday cake- milk chocolate chocolate chip cake with a whipped cream/cream cheese frosting. So. Good. OMG.

Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Forever 21 via eBay
Leggings: Forever 21
Socks: We Love Colors via eBay
Shoes: Keds via eBay
Pin: Walmart

Nail Polish: Sinful Colors All About You
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers G

Bright Colors!


I usually don’t wear a wide variety of colors- I usually stick to browns, blues, reds, and yellows- but Iately I’ve been trying to branch out. This purple knit dress is super comfy, but shows off way too much boob when I wear it alone! So in the summer I’ll wear it on its own, but for school it’ll have to be a jumper, or at least have to be worn with a very concealing cardigan.

These are pretty much my favorite flats. They get a combination of praise and funny looks every time I wear them out, but still. I love them, and I’ve been trying to find outfits that match them. Not always successful, but you know.

I wanted to do something cuter with my hair, but I ended up just going for a wavy ponytail. And I tried something new with it. I was disheartened by how thin and flat it looked around the elastic, so I teased it. AND VOILA. SO much better. Maybe that’s why I look so sassy in this picture.

I wore this for another day without my high school students, but I ended up subbing for the 8th grade Bible class in the morning. I have to say that few things make me happier than getting ready to sub for a class and watching the students cheer and hug me when they realize I’m their sub for the day.

I chose to wear purple mostly because it was Wear Purple Day. I’m not really one for big political statements, but I do believe that nobody should be bullied, especially to the point of taking their own life, and most especially not because of their sexual orientation. My work environment is not exactly friendly to such ideals, but I wore purple anyway, as a quiet stand of support. And least one student realized it, and told me very emphatically that she was glad I was wearing it. So if I can be a support for my students, that’s all that matters.

Dress: Forever 21 via eBay
Tee: Target
Shoes: Jeremy Scott for Adidas via Ross
Necklace: Betsey Johnson via eBay

Nail Polish: Nicole by OPI Rainbow in the S-Kylie layered over OPI Burlesque Ali’s Big Break
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers Super G

Fancy Pajamas!


This dress makes me feel like I’m wearing pajamas! I mean, fancy pajamas, but pajamas none the less. It’s so comfy I might die. I ended up wearing a cami under it because it was just a tad too low to wear as a teacher, but still. So comfy. It was one of my purchases in the Last Hurrah Sale on Modcloth, so I only paid $14.99 as opposed to $49.99. It’s more than worth it. It’s incredibly comfy, it’s great for the unpredictability of Nashville weather (pouring rain yesterday, 90 degrees and perfect today, what gives?), and I can layer it easily in the winter.

My hair was another day of “I just don’t curr.” Originally I had it in a pretty half-up fishtail, all fancy-like and Pinterest-y, but my hair was so unruly and frizzy that dutch braids it was!

I had another day of doing absolutely nothing at work. Seriously. With the high school students gone and not having aftercare, I went in and worked on show things for two hours, then went home and watched the X-Files. It was amazing. I felt like I was getting away with something.

Of course, now I remember I need to get my lesson plans together for next week. COME ON, CAITLIN. GET IT TOGETHER.

Also, these shoes are finally broken in. Awesome. Only took a year.

Dress: Carnival You Could Want dress via Modcloth
Shoes: Diba Style via Shoe Carnival
Cami: Macy’s

Nail Polish: OPI Burlesque Ali’s Big Break
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers Li’l Angel

This is Me Being Sassy

I was in a hurry and my sister was taking my picture, so here, enjoy some of my big sister sass.

I hate my hair like this. I have a weird aversion to having my hair just straight and down, so I end up sticking in side clips. And I look like a dork! I need to come up with a better option. I used to wear headbands all the time, but they tend to make me look about fourteen.

This was my Easter dress from 2011, and it’s a miracle that the cheap boning hasn’t busted out of the top yet. I would just take it out, but I don’t want to mess with it unless I have to. But really, the boning in the princess seams curves in such a weird way that it makes my already impressive rack look at least a cup size bigger. DO NOT NEED.

I went with the sensible flat sandals today for two reasons- one, because I learned the hard way that one should not wear heels whilst teaching a class about movement. And two, because I wanted to show off my nail polish. I have an audition tonight, so I took off the dark raspberry nail polish on my fingers (OPI Katy Perry The One That Got Away) and replaced it with a different Katy Perry nail polish, Teenage Dream. But on my toes I layered the pink glitter over the raspberry, and gah it looks pretty!

I need to do a post about my new love of nail polish- of OPI polishes, specifically. They’re amazing.

Also, my sandals fasten with velcro. They’re size 4 1/2 in children’s. And they have iCarly on them.

Dress: Target
Top: Target
Belt: Forever 21
Sandals: iCarly from Payless

Nail Polish: OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream/One That Got Away
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers Baby

Awkward Ballerina


Really, that’s the best description I have for this. Between the bun, the black top, and blush pink circle skirt, I feel like a ballerina. But awkward.


I love these shoes, but I discovered the hard way that they’re not conducive to excessive movement. I have to take very small steps, since there’s no strap to keep them on, and that makes it difficult to teach a lesson to my theatre arts students on movement! I was ten minutes into the lesson before I kicked them off. A glamorous grown up I am not.


This is actually the first time I’ve worn this skirt, mostly because I don’t know what to pair it with. It came in blush, black, and navy, and I bought the blush on a whim because I own too much black and navy. But now I don’t know how to style it! Any thoughts?

Also, my bun was all over the place. Lately I’ve been using that little mesh donut-y thing (let’s be honest, the sock bun with the actual sock is too advanced for my minimal hair-doing skills), but today I just sort of…slapped it up with bobby pins. And I didn’t realize until I got home that a big ol’ chunk of hair had fallen out in the back. Oh well.

I’ll just tell people I saw it on Pinterest.

Tee: Target
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Seychelles Sense of Humor pump via Ross
Necklace: Claire’s


Nail Polish: OPI Katy Perry One That Got Away
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers Music

Outfit of the Day: Wherein I Am Lazy

8/8/12 Outfit: I am Lazy

I started off this school year thinking I was going to dress myself like a grown up. I was so excited! My chance to be an adult! New grown up clothes and heels and fancy makeup!


What do I wear after a week of school? A three-year-old dress and hot pink flats. Oh, well. I didn’t really feel like trying hard to day. I at least put my hair up in a fancy bun in an attempt to look older. I don’t think it worked. Bubblegum pink isn’t exactly a grown-up color. And wearing flats when you’re 4’11 3/4″ only makes you look shorter.


But oh well!


Dress: American Eagle
Tee: Old Navy
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Skechers, thrifted


Nail Polish: OPI Katy Perry Last Friday Night
Perfume of the Day: Vera Wang Glam Princess

Hearts and Rainbows

8/7/12 Outfit: Hearts and Rainbows

I bought this dress a year ago when I first started working at my school! Today I wore it to teach about Shakespeare. Probably too much levity for the great Bard, but maybe he’d appreciate the fact that I accidentally matched the heart on my belt with the hearts on my sunglasses.


Or maybe not. He would probably declare me a brass-as-buttons wench for showing my bare gams. Or something like that.

Also, my hair is a hot mess. My bangs need trimmed, the length needs layers, and I really hate how the color turned out. It’s Garnier Nutrisse Pomegranate (True Red). It turned out more like…maroon on me. It’s been a week and the color has settled a bit, but it’s still just…way too…I don’t know.

I just want glorious copper locks. What dye will give me glorious copper locks?

Dress: Nicole Miller
Belt: Modcloth
Shoes: Keds, thrifted
Sunglasses: thrifted


Nail Polish: OPI Katy Perry Last Friday Night
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers Baby