My mom still teases me because this is the one place I tried to run away in when she took me to Disney when I was five. HAHA MOM YOU CAN’T TEASE ME ANYMORE. (Also, it seems appropriate that I was disneybounding as Kylo Ren for this photo.) (at Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: Movie Set Adventure)

Dress: Bells of London, Ohio dress from Modcloth

Sneakers: Faded Glory

Flower Crown: handmade

Finished off Food and Wine with a glass of mead from the Ireland booth. (I thought I loved the key lime wine- this might be my new favorite!!) Till next year, #foodandwine!! I’ll miss you even if my wallet won’t. (at Epcot Food and Wine Festival)

Shirt: Forever 21

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Keds

Went a little retro to see The Iron Giant in theaters tonight!! Bless @skipperkimberly for holding my hand while I sobbed though the last fifteen minutes. (At least I warned her in advance that I’d be bawling in my popcorn? #crybaby) (at AMC Downtown Disney 24)

Shirt: Ross

Shorts: Mossimo

Shoes: Faded Glory

Here’s a full shot of the dress!! It’s inspired by Rapunzel and the 18th century chemise a la reine. I used white muslin and lined it in lavender cotton, and there’s a Malco Modes 582 petticoat under everything. Shoes and necklace are from Modcloth, flower crown was made this morning from silk flowers, a headband, and copious amounts of hot glue! #Rapunzel #tangled #dapperday #magickingdom #disney #disneyside #disneyworld #waltdisneyworld #sewing #handmade (at Cinderella’s Castle)

Rocking both my gorgeous @whositswhatsits Reverse the Curse top and my beautiful custom Great Movie Ride bow from @extrasweetbowtique in front of my Disney home. #mediatourguide #22minutesofmovierelatedenchantment #greatmovieride (at The Great Movie Ride)