I took a break from construction because guys, my couch is built and I am lounging on it and my kitten is snoozing beside me and I honestly don’t think life could get much better. (Although I think I’m going to order pizza because I’m pretty sure I’ve earned it.) (at The Dollhouse)

so the Ikea people fucked up yesterday and didn’t deliver my furniture. So they rescheduled for today.

I got a call saying they were 15-20 minutes away.


I just want my couch you guys.

oh my god my father is so sweet and so generous but he just bought me a welcome mat as a present and it’s hideous.

it’s a print of pastel neon flip flops and it says welcome in an Arial type font.

it would be real great if I was an elderly retiree.

oh god I don’t want to get rid of it BUT I REALLY WANT TO GET RID OF IT.

who would like a free welcome mat?