My Plum Paper Me Planner

I’ve gone through quite a few planners since high school, from inexpensive academic monthly booklets to big spiral bound monsters to whatever I buy on impulse at Target. My go to brand, though, is the Plum Paper Planner. They come in multiple sizes and styles, and there’s a million ways to customize them. I’ve previously used their vertical lines version, but this time I decided to try their Me Planner, which has seven customizable subject boxes.

When I ordered the planner initially, I checked everywhere for a coupon code and couldn’t find anything higher than 10%. Imagine my dismay when not more than half an hour later the Plum Paper Facebook page posted a 25% code! Luckily I was able to email their customer service and they were able to honor the 25% off, which made a big difference.

My planner was shipped in a really sturdy cardboard box with the Plum Paper logo. (Who knew Tsum Tsums were good address deflectors?) The packaging was great; there was absolutely no damage to the outside and the planner inside was wrapped in clear plastic.

I’ve had two Plum Paper planners before; my first one had a clear plastic cover with a printed paper cover underneath and the second one was a sturdy but bendable kind of vinyl. My newest planner is a hybrid of the two- a clear plate cover with the sturdy printed vinyl cover underneath. So far I’ve been able to carry it around in my work backpack without any damage, so fingers crossed it holds out!

The new covers are also customizable; I chose the aqua variation of a floral cover and added a C monogram. I also added a quote from Anne of Green Gables: “isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it?” (It’s actually from the third Anne book if I remember correctly, but I digress.) Apparently Plum Paper covers can all be swapped out now as well, but I haven’t tried that yet.

The first few pages include a yearly calendar at a glance for 2017 and 2018, a spread to write monthly birthdays and events, and a spread for “ideas, plans, and goals.” Then it goes into the individual months.

Each month begins with bubbles for three monthly goals and sections for birthdays, events, and things to remember. There’s also a notes page, which I use to help map out my rewards for my weight loss progress.

Each month has a full month at a glance spread with an additional column for notes or lists. Nothing to write home about, but still useful and still important.

The weekly view is really when things get exciting. Like other planners, each week has a full vertical column for each day, but each column is divided into seven specific categories. Plum Paper does charge if you want your sections to be labeled, but I personally thought it was worth it. I divided my categories into work, theatre, to sew, to blog, to do, to clean, and events, and it makes it so much easier to organize my days without having to spend a ton of money on stickers.

One of the biggest perks of a Plum Paper is the customization. I chose to add an extra note page and a page of to do lists. Listen, I just love to do lists. I definitely needed them.

I also opted for two bonus sections, fitness and blogging. The first page of the fitness section has space to document measurements, weight, goals, and rewards for the year and the last page has a graph to chart changes in weight. Each month has a two page spread to track weight, measurements, the month’s fitness plan, daily exercise, and daily water intake.

The blogging section begins with monthly overview pages for ideas, goals, and stats. The section also included pages for post ideas, tasks, to do lists, giveaways, reviews, advertising and sponsors, and a page to track stats and profit over the course of the year.

The rest of the planner is pretty standard- a page each of graph paper, passwords, contacts, and holidays, plus a sturdy two sided pocket.

Overall, I’m a huge fan of my Me planner. Not only does it keep me super organized, but it’s a well made and incredibly customized product with sturdy dividers, a great cover, and literally the smoothest paper I’ve ever written on. I might not even need to order stickers for it! I’m also a huge fan of their customer service, so I can pretty much guarantee I’ll order from them again.

Comment below if you want to see more about my Me planner- more photos, a plan with me, or more detailed looks at the fitness or blogging sections!

I know I’ve been posting a lot of planner related nonsense lately, but I have to say how great this has been for me. Setting aside planning time- usually with a candle, some wine, and an episode of Friends- is super calming and therapeutic for me. And it has the added benefit of keeping me organized, which is something that never happens with me! (Shops are tagged. And let me know if you want to see what the finished layout looks like!)

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great now i feel million times less safe with a deadbolt

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Guys, deadbolts aren’t totally safe. This is just one of several ways I’ve seen them opened (via YouTube videos). If you really want to be safe, consider investing in a flip-latch.

You can pick them up at ACE hardware (or any other hardware store), and you install them on the inside of the door on the doorframe. They flip and lock really tight (you typically have to lean your weight into the door to secure it) and they can’t be opened from the outside as far as I know.

Another reason I will never sleep easy in a hotel for the rest of my life.

21 Tips to Keep Your Shit Together When You’re Depressed.

A while ago, I penned a fairly angry response to something circulating on the internet – the 21 Habits of Happy People. It pissed me off beyond belief, that there was an inference that if you weren’t Happy, you simply weren’t doing the right things.

I’ve had depression for as long as I can remember. It’s manifested in different ways. I did therapy. I did prozac. I did more therapy. My baseline is melancholic. I’d just made peace with it when I moved, unintentionally, to a place that had markedly less sunshine in the winter. I got seasonal depression. I got that under control. Then I got really, really sick. Turns out it’s a permanent, painful genetic disorder. My last pain-free day was four years ago.

So, this Cult of Happy article just set me off. Just… anger. Rage. Depression is serious – debilitating, often dangerous, and it’s got an enormous stigma. It leaves people to fend for themselves.

It’s bad enough without people ramming Happy Tips at you through facebook. There is no miracle behaviour change that will flip that switch for you. I know, I’ve tried.

A friend of mine suggested that I write something from my point of view because, surprisingly, I manage to give an outwards impression of having my shit together. I was shocked to hear this. And I find this comical, but I see her point. I’m functioning. I’ve adapted. I’m surprisingly okay. I think the medical term is “resilient”.

So, here it is.

My 21 Tips on Keeping Your Shit Together During Depression

1) Know that you’re not alone. Know that we are a silent legion, who, every day face the solipsism and judgement of Happy People Who Think We Just Aren’t Trying. There are people who are depressed, people who have been depressed, and people who just haven’t been hit with it yet.

2) Understand that the Happy People are usually acting out of some genuine (albeit misguided) concern for you, that it’s coming from a good place, even if the advice feels like you’re being blamed for your disease. Telling you these things makes them feel better, even if it makes you feel like shit. (If they insist on keeping it up, see #12.)

3) Enlist the help of a professional. See your doctor. You need to talk about the ugly shit, and there are people paid to listen and help you find your way to the light at the end of the tunnel.

4) Understand that antidepressants will only do so much. They’re useful, they’ll level you out and give you the time you need to figure out your own path to getting well. They can be helpful. There are lots to choose from. They may not be for you, and even if they are, they take some time to kick in. Conversely, they may not be for you. Work with your doctor.

5) Pick up a paintbrush, a pencil, an activity you got joy from in the past and re-explore that. Or, sign up for the thing you always wanted to try. There is a long history and link between depression and creativity. It’s a bright light of this condition, so utilize it to your best advantage.

6) Eat nutritionally sound, regular small meals. If you’re having trouble eating, try to focus on what you’d like to eat. I went through a whole six week episode of tomatoes and cream cheese on a bagel twice a day. Not great, but it was something – helpful context, I’m a recovered anorexic. Conversely, if all you want to do is scarf down crap, try to off-ramp it by downing a V-8 and doing #9 for 15 minutes, and see how you feel. Chucking your blood sugar all over hell’s half acre is going to make you feel worse.

7) While you’re doing #3, get some bloodwork done. If you’re low on iron or vitamin D, or if your hormone levels are doing the Macarena… these can all contribute to zapping your energy or switching your mood to Bleak As Hell.

8) If you’re in bed and the “insomnia hamsters”, as I like to call them, are on the wheel of your head, watch Nightly Business News on PBS. This has the effect of Nyquil. Swap out your coffee for herbal tea. If you just cannot sleep, try the next tip….

9) Learn how to meditate. Start by focusing on your breathing. Not sleep, not thoughts. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Meditation is focusing on being present in your body, not careening around in your brain. It may not be as good as sleep but it will give you some rest and recharge you.

10) Face a window as often as you can – at work, at home. Look out into the world. Watch. Observe. Try to find something you find pretty or interesting to focus on. And, handily remember that one in five of those people out there feel the way you do.

11) Cry. Better out than in. Sometimes it’s not convenient or career-enhancing to cry, so find a private place as best you can and let the tears go. Carry Kleenex and face wipes and extra concealer if you wear makeup. You can always claim allergies.

12) Any “friend” who resolutely believes that your depression is because you’re lazy, because you’re not trying hard enough, who blames you for not bootstrapping out of it- that friend needs to be cut off. Polite (#2) is one thing, but there is a limit. You don’t have to explain, you can just not respond. You feel badly enough, you don’t need their “assistance”.

13) Limit your time with people who drain you. You know who they are. Often you don’t have a choice- but you can put the meter on. And, subsequently, be aware of what you’re asking of those close to you.

14) Everyone has shit they’ve got to deal with. What you have been saddled with is your shit. Recognize, just as you’re not alone, you’re also not unique. The grass may look greener, you may be jealous or envious of others who don’t have to deal with depression, but you likely do not know everything that’s going on with them.

15) Let go or be dragged. This is an old Buddhist saying. It’s a very useful way to frame aspects of depression. Betrayal, anger, fear… letting go is a process – often a painful and difficult process – but it’s ultimately going to show you the path out of this terrible place. Repeating the mantra can help when you’re feeling gripped by these feelings.

16) Wear clothes that make you feel confident. It takes as much time to put on nice clothes as it does to put on sweatpants. You will want to wear the sweatpants. Fight the urge. The whole “look good/feel better” campaign isn’t limited to cancer and chemotherapy. Or women.

17) Avoid fictional drama and tragedy like the plague. No Grey’s Anatomy, no to The Notebook, or anything that won a Pulitzer prize. You’ve got enough going on In Real Life. Comedy only. Or trashy stuff. Old episodes of WonderWoman? I’ve got the box set. Mindless drivel, like the latest CGI blockbuster. Or clever, funny books. David Sedaris. Jenny Lawson. Fiction exists to elicit emotion, and the emotion you need to express most right now is laughter.

18) Simple exercise, if you can. It can be something as simple as taking the stairs up a flight, or walking around the block. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, it doesn’t have to involve climbing a mountain or running a marathon. Baby steps.

19) Depression will lie to you. Depression will try to tell you what others are thinking. That you are unloved and unworthy, that others think little of you or don’t care – or even wish you harm. You are not a psychic. Keep repeating that. “I am not a psychic”. Repeat. The only way to know what another person is thinking is to up and ask them.

20) If you are well and truly losing this battle, reach out to someone. I’ve been the random friendly-but-not-close person who has fielded the occasional outreach. I like to think I’m not judgemental and generally resourceful, and others have thought the same, so they called and asked. You know someone like me. And they will help you.

21) Forgive yourself. I’m writing out all these tips, and I can’t always muster the strength to even stick my nose outside, or walk up the stairs, or eat my vegetables. Today, I got outside for ten minutes. I will try again tomorrow. And I will try again the day after that. (via jessiawesome)

I’ve been so low again lately and thinking dangerous thoughts that I needed to see this. I’m trying so hard, I really am.

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I can confidently say that going to my doctor saved my life, and the anti-depressants I was prescribed helped (and continue to help) me beyond measure.

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