the signs as dragons


Aries: A mountaintop dragon. Can either have thick scales, or fur, both groomed and kept neat-looking. Monochromatic, usually white, black, or grey. These dragons are usually found in flight, in groups of three, six, or ten. However, they are usually solo or with one trusted other on the ground. Extremely protective of their territory. A hoard of gems, bones, and wood carvings. Powers include spectacular endurance and keen eyesight. Large, impressive wingspan.

Taurus: A village dragon. Works with the people to keep the land safe. Colors range from murky browns to emerald greens. Found alone dragon-wise, but with many other species of magical creatures. Usually low to the ground, and armored well with thick scales. Very diplomatic, will not attack without reason. A natural leader. A hoard of gold coins, emeralds, and rubies.

Powers include fire breath and magical influence over other creatures. Average wingspan, usually only flies short distances.

Gemini: A guardian dragon. Very wide range of colors, usually vibrant. Found either alone or with its mate. Long necks, sharp claws, and sharp wit. A chatty dragon that is fiercely protective. Has a knack for riddles, and is an excellent judge of character. Guards temples and ancient treasures in jungles and mountains. Extensive hoards, usually the riches of powerful leaders of the past. Likes to adorn themselves with silver and sapphires. Powers include night vision and venom. Wings have sharp talons on the ends.

Cancer: A glade dragon. Colors are usually light, almost pastel. Most often have long wisps of delicate fur along their spine, feet, tail, and ears. Very friendly with other dragons, usually lives in groups of three or more. In touch with the natural magic of the earth, this dragon likes to make potions from the resources around them. Most lairs are open, usually by a stream or brook. May seem vulnerable, but can and will be extremely fierce when threatened. A hoard of potions, plants, petrified wood, and river rocks. Powers include innate magic, enchanting, and healing. Feathered wings.

Leo: A forest dragon. Colors are usually golds, yellows, oranges, reds, or greens. Doesn’t like to be alone, and is usually found with either a small group, or with several magical creatures/pets. Proud, confident, and charismatic, these dragons have a passion for both their riches and the arts. Many of these dragons are artisans themselves, who carve stories and characters into the tree trunks and mountains surrounding their lair. A hoard of gems and gold, intricate jewelry, swords, sculptures, and whatever else they can get their claws on. Likes to wear their treasures, especially their gold. Powers include fire breath and enhanced agility. Shimmering wings.

Virgo: A scholar dragon. Colors are deep purples, blues, and blacks, with silver accents. Many look similar to starry skies. These dragons live in cities of like minds, and are very advanced in the fields of both magic and technology. Many dragons are also involved in the arts. They often don’t travel outside their city except to study new specimens, or without someone they trust beside them. Though they may appear distant, a befriended Virgo dragon is always loyal and kind. Agile and light on their feet, the dragons less inclined to studying and the arts become excellent hunters and spies. A hoard of scrolls, manuscripts, and a variety of crystals/gemstones. Powers include enhanced intuition and night vision. Nearly transparent wings to make them seem invisible against the night sky.

Libra: A nomadic dragon. Colors range from deep blue to light green. Usually the largest of the dragon species. They are, like Taurus, diplomatic dragons, inclined to resolve disputes. Unlike Taurus however, they cannot be pinned down to one area. They are filled with natural wanderlust, going wherever the breeze takes them. They may pine for the company of other dragons at times, but they are most content being alone. They do, however, return to certain places to meet up with others and tell the tales of their travels on a regular basis. A hoard of souvenirs, artifacts, and memorabilia from the places they’ve traveled, kept in various hidden caves, or with them in a satchel or pouch. Powers include strength, endurance, and magical influence. Large, strong wings.

Scorpio: A desert dragon. Colors are a range of browns, golds, reds, and yellows. Usually somehow connected to royalty, these dragons make powerful leaders. They are almost always around others, and they form extremely loyal friendships and bonds. They may live in caves, but prefer to live in desert cities and palaces. Their thick scales keep them safe from the whipping sands in the winds, cactus spines, and jagged rocks. They may also have dark markings and patterns around their eyes, neck, spine, and tail. Their society thrives on competition, often holding grand events and banquets for contests, sporting events, and tests of quick thinking. A hoard of treasures and weaponry, passed down through the ages.Their powers include formidable speed, both on land and in the air, and venom-ignited fire breath. Powerful aerodynamic wings.

Sagittarius: A jungle dragon. Usually green or blue with bright accents that mimic the flowers found in their habitat. Playful and adventurous, these dragons live in groups in the treetops. Extremely talkative, generous, and inquisitive, many of these dragons are philosophers, explorers, or magic users. Their tails are prehensile, able to grab onto branches with ease. They make wonderful allies to other dragons, and are a fighting force to be reckoned with. They are omnivorous, with a diet mostly consisting of fruit. They always have new ideas that they are eager to put into action, which makes them a tad reckless at times. A hoard of gemstones, ancient gold, and bright crystals. Their powers include flexibility, innovation, and innate magic. Average-sized patterned wings with bright markings.

Capricorn: A semi-aquatic dragon. Colors range from greens and blues to purples and blues. Patient and wise, these dragons are the thinkers and the caretakers. They are often found in family groups. They are highly skilled with magic, especially healing magic. Many are cautious, and will not wander far from their oceanfront lair. They can be fierce defenders, and usually have large curved horns for protection. Their tails fan out like a mermaid’s or dolphin’s, which gives them great speed in the water. They make their lairs on massive rocky beaches or jetties, and have a complex series of tunnels leading from one cave to the next. They are also musicians, whose songs can be heard echoing around the harbors at night. A hoard of shimmering stones, shells, and coral. Their powers include healing magic, enchanting song, and night vision. Small wings for gliding short distances, or wingless.

Aquarius: A deep-sea dragon. Colors range from dark teals to dark purples. Bio-luminescent markings atop their scales that light their way. Lives entirely underwater, within caves, shipwrecks, or trenches. Usually found solo or with few other dragons. Studious and inquisitive, but shy, they rarely come to the surface. A hoard of ancient sunken artifacts. Powers include a piercing roar/scream that stuns and immobilizes prey, and incredible eyesight. Wingless.

Pisces: A beach dragon. Colors range from sky blue to deep green. Adorned with bits and bobs of jewelry, hollowed-out stones, sand dollars, or starfish. Able to feel incredibly small vibrations through the sand. Usually found alone in their own personal seaside cave, or with family in a larger shared cave. A hoard of shells, sea glass, bottles, and manuscripts. Powers include amazing agility and camouflage. Usually wingless.

the signs in the revolution against a dystopian society


Aries: dies right away before the revolution even starts(everybody: “Aries, no!”    you: “fuck, yes!”)

Taurus: survives by staying on the down low

Gemini: survives but is actually evil in the end by working for the bad guys 

Cancer: survives by lashing out and killing the most bad guys

Leo: probably “the chosen one”

Virgo: dies right before the end of the revolution

Libra: dies a martyr

Scorpio: the ruler of the dystopian society

Sagittarius: survives and brutally avenges the death of the mother you watched die in front of you at the hands of the government 

Capricorn: survives by using logic and manipulation

Aquarius: dies bc you refused to take a human life

Pisces: creator of the philosophical system of the dystopia

the signs as spies


aries: the totally dedicated spy that will crawl through air vents to break into places and snapchat their friends at the same time
taurus: the dependable spy that shows up last minute to help finish a fight and also their fake accents are on point
gemini: the inconspicuous spy that tries to listen in on a secret discussion but their phones goes off and their ringtone is like a hannah montana song and it blows their cover
cancer: the clumsy spy that doesn’t see the red laser censors and just walks through them and gets caught but somehow escapes lol
leo: the badass spy that knows all these ninja moves but when it comes to actually fighting they resort to pulling their enemy’s hair but if the enemy touches their hair they’re dead
virgo: the analytical spy that spots details and clues that no one else notices and ends up saving the day almost every time
libra: the chill spy that flies their helicopter to starbucks before starting their secret mission bc priorities
scorpio: the seductive spy that stealthily collects the enemy’s secrets but can barely breathe bc their hot spy outfit is too tight oops
sagittarius: the irresponsible spy that somehow ends up with the task of saving the entire world even though they’re the type of person that would push a red button that says “do not push”
capricorn: the classy spy that wears sunglasses with a formal outfit and looks so professional that even james bond is lowkey jealous
aquarius: the spy that thinks they’re kim possible and says “what’s the sitch” too much
pisces: the weird spy that tells everyone to call them some wacky code name and accidentally gives out classified information