The Signs As Times Of Day + Feelings

Aries: 12 am, sitting around a bonfire on the beach with your friends and making as much noise as you want
Taurus: 5 pm, walking through the streets of your hometown with old friends, laughing, reminiscing, and taking pictures
Gemini: 9 am, just waking up in bed on Saturday after finally getting enough sleep and feeling the energy coursing through your body as you sit up
Cancer: 3 pm, standing on a dock by a lake and watching boats float lazily by and hearing people laughing and splashing in the distance
Leo: 10 pm, in the middle of a concert with your favorite band playing and the drums pounding in your chest
Virgo: 12 pm, sitting by the window on a winter day watching the sun filter gently through the clouds and shining on snow
Libra: 11 am, meeting someone special at a cafe on a spring day and being all nervous and giddy
Scorpio: 4 am, sitting on your bed whispering with someone you love all night, surrounded by silence and stillness as the sun starts to rise
Sagittarius: 2 am, when you finally give up on getting to sleep at a decent hour and suddenly feel restless and productive
Capricorn: 6 am, speeding down an empty freeway on a cool weekend morning in your favorite hoodie
Aquarius: 8 pm, standing in a grassy field with your friends on a warm summer night as fireflies light up
Pisces: 1 am, when you’re in bed listening to music and drifting off to sleep to your favorite song



Aries: Waking up at the crack of dawn, being so excited you can’t sleep, watching a rated R movie for the first time, motorcycles in the middle of the night, sunrises, going up on a roller coaster.

Taurus: Bakeries, quintessential country homes, black lights, hookah pens, growing your own veggies and herbs, pinky promises, best friend necklaces, lie detectors, being drunk in your lover’s arms, goodbyes.

Gemini: Retro cartoons, mismatched socks, laughing so hard you can’t finish your own joke, triple-dog-dares, staring contests, Twister, when it rains but the sun is still out, trying to cure hiccups.

Cancer: Ice cream, cashmere blankets, the crash of waves, palm readings, big blue eyes, warmth, the sound of laugher, healing crystals, never letting go, looking for seashells, sea glass.

Leo: Falling asleep in the sun, being at the bottom of the pool, sighs, adrenaline, stage lights, broken glass, gold and silver, the smell of new clothes, popsicles, jelly shoes.

Virgo: The smell of hand sanitizer, french manicures, acetone, white walls, bubble wrap, wooden furniture, small plants, perfect French braids, words tattooed in Chinese, the beach at night, achieving Feng Shui.

Libra: Metallic surfaces, curves on a woman, weddings, receiving a bouquet of flowers, edible fruit arrangements, New York Fashion Week, girl’s night outs, colorful cocktails with cute parasols, lounging poolside.

Scorpio: Midnight, tarot cards, horror movies, primal love, power outages, dripping candle wax, playing an instrument alone, TV glitches, dying flowers, deer running through the woods, red wine, cinnamon buns.

Sagittarius: Biting your nails, needing to catch your breath, old Disney TV shows, relay races, going down a roller coaster, when the air plane first takes off, watching the waves from a cruise balcony, waterslides.

Capricorn: Aquariums, sitting in the back of math class, farmer’s markets, concerts with your best friend, meaningful jewelry, apology texts, working backstage, drunken conversations, Menthol cigarettes, snowy days.

Aquarius: Disappearances, Area 51, galaxies, conspiracy theories, black coffee, pets, parasailing, hangliding, monuments, rainforests, snowflake photography, hot stone massages, acupuncture, Fiji Water.

Pisces: Marianas Trench, matching tattoos, jazz music, traces of glitter from your lover, prom night, watching the stars, concerts, crying of joy, falling in love, psychic abilities, sunsets, white sheets.

the signs at their best // worst

ARIES: curious, a born explorer, hidden strengths and talents, not what they appear, able to take on many roles and forms, cheerful in hard times//rude, prone to “bad” language, uses insults, hard to understand, devil’s advocate, uses their strengths the wrong way
TAURUS: incredible potential, stronger than they look, takes what life throws at them and rolls with it, kind, able to speak with/make friends with all different circles, good sense of humor//refuses to take responsibility, ignores their own faults, lacks a backbone, tries to worm out of issues instead of addressing them correctly, takes the easy way
GEMINI: adaptable and resourceful, good at what they do, smart, tries things anyway even when they don’t think they’ll work, honest and frank, helpful (even if they complain about it), lives many lives//jumbled and scattered, doesn’t make an effort to correct themselves/thinks saying sorry is enough, inappropriate, doesn’t watch their mouth and doesn’t care to
CANCER: tries so hard at all they do, more sensitive than they let on, tries their best to protect everyone, incredibly witty, works with what they got, resourceful, cares so much//doesn’t practice what they preach, gives back-handed compliments, will butt into matters that don’t concern them, judgemental, “holier than thou”, treats others as children
LEO: strong as heck but won’t brag about it, shows great care for their friends, does what they must even when scared, thoughtful, friendly, thinks of others happiness, likes to share and collaborate//overly excitable, hangs around the wrong crowd, hard to understand at times, doesn’t listen, little volume control, easily swayed, does wrong without knowing it
VIRGO: meticulous, refined, skilled in many areas, eye for beauty, inner strength, protective and will always do their best for others, maintains peace, thoughtful and moves with purpose, patient//unyielding, hard to get to know, suffocating, over-protective, martyr, prone to gossip
LIBRA: thinks ahead, not to be underestimated, knows when to have fun and knows when to get serious, observant, weird but in a fun way, clever, very colorful, artistic//hides behind a mask, puts an overly confident front up to hide behind, self-doubting, lazy, too chill at times, avoidant
SCORPIO: confident and determined, full of surprises, clever, always has something new up their sleeve, great vision, incredible willpower, able to see things through to the end, fights their own battles, doesn’t let anything stop them//tends to ramble, thinks their path in the best and only path, over-confident at times, forces others to think and do what they like, sneaky, controlling
SAGITTARIUS: incredibly STRONG, loyal and faithful, sticks to their beliefs, has a wide range of interests and talents, keeps trying even after things don’t work, knows how to move on and rebuild, frank and uncomplicated//hears what they want to hear, can steamroll others, doesn’t allow people to talk, weird in a weird way, takes things too far, doesn’t pick up on the feelings of others
CAPRICORN: generally mild, just likes to talk and chill out, always open to listen to you vent, checks up on you, takes things as they come, faithful, tries to believe in the best, silly, knows how to lighten the mood//probably planning on killing you, undercover, uses silence to their advantage, manipulates others, incredibly angry, extreme
AQUARIUS: strong convictions, world-changing views and goals, fights until the end, will go after what they want, takes chances, intelligent, seems serious but is really just kinda goofy, is a kid at heart, cares a lot but doesn’t always know how to show it//can come off as kind of a creep, panders for sympathy and attention, can’t pick up on cues from other people, invasive, takes things too far
PISCES: cares about so many things, will take care of you, treats people as equals, cheerful and bubbly, great sense of humor, good with puns, stronger than they look, treats people like they want to be treated, kind, fun//takes things to extremes, can be reckless, such escapists they would hide on the moon if they could, selfish at times, shirks responsibility, sailor mouth

zodiac signs as lovely words


aries: duende (n: a quality of passion and inspiration; the mysterious power of art to deeply move a person)

taurus: vagary (n: an unexpected and inexplicable instance or change; a wandering journey; a whimsical, wild, or unusual idea/desire/action)

gemini: augenblick (a decisive moment in time that is fleeting, yet momentously eventful and incredibly significant… ‘in the blink of an eye’)

cancer: tacenda (n: things better left unsaid; matters to be passed over in silence)

leo: cosmogyral (adj: whirling around the universe)

virgo: tsundoku (the act of leaving a book unread after buying it, typically piled up together)

libra: aspectabund (adj: letting or being able to let expressive emotion show easily through one’s face and eyes)

scorpio: nyctophilia (n: a preference or love for darkness or night; finding relaxation and comfort in darkness)

sagittarius: shemesh khola (n: the weather when the sun is out, but the atmosphere is cold.. ‘sick sun’)

capricorn: philocalist (n: a lover of beauty; someone who finds and appreciates beauty in all things)

aquarius: meraki (v: to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work)

pisces: nakama (n: a good friend/someone that you love in a non-romantic way, who is like your family)