Happy 24th anniversary to my first favorite princess! Beauty and the Beast was my first Disney movie in theaters and I completely fell in love with Belle and her story when I saw it. (Also please enjoy my terrible haircut and the cameo from @poisonapplecosplay) #beautyandthebeast

Today is my favorite mermaid’s birthday! (Or birthday of her story, at least.) I wasn’t allowed to see The Littler Mermaid until I was fifteen, but I fell in love immediately. And that summer I went on my first Disney trip since I was five years old. My patient father waited with me for nearly an hour so I could meet Ariel and I was so happy I nearly cried. Thanks for being such a spunky, joyful inspiration to an awkward little nerd, Ariel. #thelittlemermaid #ariel #awkwardbabynerdcaitlin (at Meet Ariel at Her Grotto)

Sometimes your sister goes through boxes in the garage and texts you pictures of your childhood toys and you suddenly have a lot of feelings. (That plush of Duchess from the Aristocats is from my first Disney trip when I was five!!)

Happy national sibling’s day to @poisonapplecosplay!! You might have been my third choice (after a brother and a puppy) but I’ll never trade you in. You’re the best sister in the whole wide world. (Also I hope the world appreciates that you look super cute in this picture while I can’t close my mouth over my dental appliance. I’m totally rocking the Belle backpack and the Pocahontas lunchbox though.)