I once taught an entire class wearing Hogwarts robes from the lost and found box because it was freezing in my library…


oh my gosh BLESS YOU those kids probably felt like they were in HP for just a moment there !!!

I also used to wear high heels to work in an attempt to look like A Grown Up…

…then we would start after school rehearsals and I would be barefoot with my hair held up in a pencil.

(I miss teaching my class and I miss my kids and I miss directing but I don’t miss the politics of schools.)


my friend just accidentally called our math teacher “honey” and he replied “yes dear”

okay fun story time

when I was teaching my students learned that I would answer faster if they called for “mommy.”

so conversations would go like this:

student: “Ms. T?”

student: “Ms. T?”

student: “Ms. T?”

student: “Mommy?”

me: “yes, baby, what do you need?”

it was great.

Sometimes I cry because I miss teaching and I miss directing and I miss my students so much. They were my kids and I love them and I wish I could have stayed. I wish I could have directed more shows with them. I wish there could have been more Disney dances and inside jokes and crazy rehearsals that ended with me lying on the floor laughing like the mature adult I am.

I miss my babies.

please tell me you were at a private school because that is insane.

I was. No school board to answer to, so they did whatever they wanted. And the headmaster was an ass, so he did a lot of terrible things.