A year and a half ago I trained as Mugsi Toccata, and on the 18th I’m going to train as Kate Durango! I’ve been waiting eagerly to become a bandit and I’m so excited to start blowing banks and riding off into the sunset! #thelittlestbandit #mediakatedurango #greatmovieride #disneycastmember (at The Great Movie Ride)

Happy Great Movie pRide Day! As a little girl I was terrified of this ride, but I came back when I was fifteen and loved it, and then came back as a shy eighteen-year-old to work there. I learned and grew so much during my college program. Now I’m a tour guide, a gangster, and a trainer. Thanks to my original training squad- Jamie Kern, Tracie Hardy, and Danielle Salieski- and my new squad- Tracy Fox, J.B., and Jose Santos. And thanks to my gangster mom and dad, Gabe Jarmillo and Jennifer Vasquez. And next month, I’ll have new parents to thank when I take on the role of Kate Durango and start riding off into the sunset! I can’t imagine my life without this ride and these people, and I’m so very blessed. #greatmovieride #greatmoviepride #greatmovieprideday #disneycastmember #disneycastside

Stranger Things at Disney

So I work as a gangster at the Great Movie Ride, right? And we’re pretty sure the place is haunted (which is a whole separate post by itself). Well, last night Bryce’s phone started frantically blinking on and off, on and off, and NO ONE COULD GET IT TO STOP.

Bryce responded by picking up a cigarette and shouting “WILL! WILL, WHERE ARE YOU? WILL?”

So if you hear about Disney’s Hollywood Studios getting swallowed up by the Upside Down, it probably started at the Great Movie Ride.