My Debut in the Orlando Fringe Festival

I had been hoping for a chance to perform in the Orlando Fringe Festival- definitely a bucket list kind of performance! A lot of cities have a Fringe Festival; basically groups will perform brand new, usually off-the-wall shows in a myriad of designated locations throughout the city. I actually was invited to a part of the Fringe Festival in the spring of 2017, but I had to turn them down. I was in a wedding as a bridesmaid for the entirety of the second weekend, and that’s…you know, ever so slightly important.

In February of 2017, I performed in a premiere of a short play called Welcome to Intercourse. It’s a super cute play and I loved the role I played so much. Well, the author of the play wrote three more short plays and packaged them together as a show called Quickies, and she wanted me to come back to play Peggy again, as well as two other roles. But I couldn’t. I was so upset! I loved the role, but ultimately I wouldn’t be able to do it and I had to turn it down.

Flash forward to this past summer! I got an email from a director I’d worked with previously; Quickies was possibly going to the winter mini Fringe festival, and the actress who originally played the roles couldn’t make it. Would I be interested?


The show was confirmed in late October and we rolled into rehearsals shortly afterward. It was a short rehearsal period, but the four plays are about 10-15 minutes long each, divided amongst the four actors, so all in all it wasn’t too terrible to balance. It was just a lot of practicing lines in the car as I drove to and from rehearsals.

The show only ran for two performances, but we had fantastic audiences and great feedback. It was a new theater for me, and it was fun playing on a new stage. And I loved revisiting Peggy, who’s one of my favorite roles to play. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on my performances and it just makes me pleased as punch.

I wasn’t actually in the first of the four short plays. It was a two person retelling of Scheherazade and the Sultan; it was funny and sassy and I loved watching it from backstage. Of course, backstage was about 3′ by 4′ (and that’s generous) and there were three of us back there, so it was a little uncomfortable.

The second plays was called Meet the Pets. A guy brings a girl (me) home after a date so she can meet his pets. So we had a snooty cat (a guy in a tuxedo and a British accent) and a lovable dog (a girl in flannel and corduroys). It was super funny, and while my character started off as a manic pixie dream girl, she ended up being really smart and self-assured. So it was fun playing both sides of the spectrum.

dress: Forever 21
denim jacket: …I’ll have to check?
floral leggings: No Boundaries
boots: Blowfish
hat: Target
purse: Betsey Johnson
glasses: Eye Buy Direct (Moody frames)

The second show was called Buried. It’s short and bittersweet. I played a girl named Grace who runs into her ex-boyfriend in the middle of a graveyard, and you start to put the pieces that it’s a metaphor for her mind, and she’s trying to bury the memories of him, and she can’t…and then BAM guess what it’s real and she killed him and she’s talking to his ghost. It’s one of the trickiest roles I’ve ever played even though it was only about ten minutes long. Grace is both lighthearted and deeply hurt, so there was a lot of balancing. Plus I had to drag around a shovel.

dress: Forever 21
headband: Goody’s
shoes: Keds

The final short play was my favorite, Welcome to Intercourse. I played Peggy, an accountant who just got jilted by her fiance. Her best friend Eva decides they should go on a road trip, and of course their car breaks down outside of Intercourse, Pennsylvania. And who comes to rescue them but a pair of Amish boys! Peggy and Josiah have a deeply touching conversation onstage, but offstage Eva and Ezekiel fix the car, and of course it sounds extremely suggestive. It was a great little play full of innuendoes, and the girl who played Eva is a dream and it was literally so fun to play opposite her.

dress: Modcloth (Blueberry Lemonade dress)
jacket: I’ll check…
shoes: Payless
glasses: Eye Buy Direct (Sophie frames in pink)

I had such an amazing time doing this show. It was such a quick run (haha, get it, Quickies, I’m hilarious) but it was so fun to do. I don’t know if I’ll get to be a part of it again, but hopefully I’ll get to work with this team again in the future!

OOTD: The Last Jedi (again) and Orlando Fringe

Yes, I totally saw Last Jedi again. My friend Bri is visiting from out of town so a group of us went to see it together. Honestly, it was even better the second time around. But it was cold!! Florida has been in the 40s and 50s and it’s been nuts. I wore my favorite shirt jacket and I unearthed my convertible glove mittens. We grabbed pizza from Blaze afterwards, and then I headed to the theater.

For the past few months we’ve been rehearsing our Fringe Festival show off site, so we only had a few hours in the space before our first performance. We got there at three thirty, did a run with the tech added in, and then ran the costumes changes. We also had an interview with Fringe, so we ran over to the Shakespeare to do that before the first show. I’m so tired and I definitely ate my weight in Taco Bell when I got home.

Top: Disney

Skirt: Forever 21

Leggings: No Boundaries

Boots: Target

Purse: Betsey Johnson

Coat: Converse

Gloves: Claire’s

Glasses: Eye Buy Direct (Sophie frames)

Black and Pink


This outfit changed just a little bit- the black skirt I was going to wear was too big! Not that I mind that too much, but still. Couldn’t wear it. I ended up wearing the sweater over a black dress instead, and really liked it, especially with the collar peeking out. But the sweater was still really slouchy without being tucked in, so I belted it. And I think it turned out pretty cute after all!

I wore this for a very stressful day- I subbed for fifth grade, shelved books for a few hours, taught theatre arts (more voice and diction), and then had to do Narnia rehearsal and afterschool care at the same time. I WAS GOING TO DIE. So I went home and ate ice cream.

Dress: Modcloth Soda Fountain Dress in Cola
Sweater: Forever 21
Shoes: Skechers
Headband: Goody’s
Laptop Case: Betsey Johnson via Ross

Nail Polish: OPI Nicki Minaj Pink Friday
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers Music

Bright Colors!


I usually don’t wear a wide variety of colors- I usually stick to browns, blues, reds, and yellows- but Iately I’ve been trying to branch out. This purple knit dress is super comfy, but shows off way too much boob when I wear it alone! So in the summer I’ll wear it on its own, but for school it’ll have to be a jumper, or at least have to be worn with a very concealing cardigan.

These are pretty much my favorite flats. They get a combination of praise and funny looks every time I wear them out, but still. I love them, and I’ve been trying to find outfits that match them. Not always successful, but you know.

I wanted to do something cuter with my hair, but I ended up just going for a wavy ponytail. And I tried something new with it. I was disheartened by how thin and flat it looked around the elastic, so I teased it. AND VOILA. SO much better. Maybe that’s why I look so sassy in this picture.

I wore this for another day without my high school students, but I ended up subbing for the 8th grade Bible class in the morning. I have to say that few things make me happier than getting ready to sub for a class and watching the students cheer and hug me when they realize I’m their sub for the day.

I chose to wear purple mostly because it was Wear Purple Day. I’m not really one for big political statements, but I do believe that nobody should be bullied, especially to the point of taking their own life, and most especially not because of their sexual orientation. My work environment is not exactly friendly to such ideals, but I wore purple anyway, as a quiet stand of support. And least one student realized it, and told me very emphatically that she was glad I was wearing it. So if I can be a support for my students, that’s all that matters.

Dress: Forever 21 via eBay
Tee: Target
Shoes: Jeremy Scott for Adidas via Ross
Necklace: Betsey Johnson via eBay

Nail Polish: Nicole by OPI Rainbow in the S-Kylie layered over OPI Burlesque Ali’s Big Break
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers Super G

Practical Educator




In other news, nothing says “I am a practical educator in a private school” like wearing a denim skirt. But do you know what? I like this one. It’s a nice style, it’s comfy, it’s flattering, and my parents offered to pay for it as a gift. So…awesome.

Also, I needed an outfit to go with these purple shoes. Do you know how many outfits match this shade of purple? Not many, my friend. Not many. But they’re incredibly cute and comfy.

This was also my second attempt at wearing the Hiccup necklace, and this time it worked- I had it turned the right way!

I tried a small something different with my hair. My hair curls naturally, usually in a loose and unkempt sort of way, so I touch it up with a curling iron. I usually use a 2″ barrel; today I couldn’t find it (still don’t know how it walked away) so I dug out the 1″ one I use for performances. The smaller curls actually looked pretty dang cute! I might have to work with this one a little more.

Tee: Old Navy
Skirt: Gap
Shoes: Steve Madden via eBay
Necklace: Betsey Johnson via eBay
Headband: Claire’s

Nail Polish: OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers Baby

Outfit of the Day: The Hiccup Necklace No One Can See

8/10/12 Outfit: The Hiccup Necklace that No One Can See

I was so excited because I finally got to wear my adorable kitten necklace AND YOU CAN’T EVEN SEE IT. It’s twisted around. GAH. This is me being frustrated. The necklace is precious- I bought it primarily because it looks like my little cat, Hiccup.


Oh, well. I’ll just have to wear it again. Such a hardship.


This outfit is super comfy, which is good because I had to bounce around a lot orchestrating a game of theatre history jeopardy. I also learned today that it’s a good idea that I never became a math teacher.

I also did a Bad Thing. I peeled off my nail polish instead of removing it properly. It’s not…it’s not that bad, right?

Tee: Old Navy
Skirt: Old Navy, thrifted
Shoes: Keds, thrifted
Necklace: Betsey Johnson, thrifted

Perfume of the Day: Vera Wang Glam Princess