Practical Educator




In other news, nothing says “I am a practical educator in a private school” like wearing a denim skirt. But do you know what? I like this one. It’s a nice style, it’s comfy, it’s flattering, and my parents offered to pay for it as a gift. So…awesome.

Also, I needed an outfit to go with these purple shoes. Do you know how many outfits match this shade of purple? Not many, my friend. Not many. But they’re incredibly cute and comfy.

This was also my second attempt at wearing the Hiccup necklace, and this time it worked- I had it turned the right way!

I tried a small something different with my hair. My hair curls naturally, usually in a loose and unkempt sort of way, so I touch it up with a curling iron. I usually use a 2″ barrel; today I couldn’t find it (still don’t know how it walked away) so I dug out the 1″ one I use for performances. The smaller curls actually looked pretty dang cute! I might have to work with this one a little more.

Tee: Old Navy
Skirt: Gap
Shoes: Steve Madden via eBay
Necklace: Betsey Johnson via eBay
Headband: Claire’s

Nail Polish: OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers Baby

Awkward Ballerina


Really, that’s the best description I have for this. Between the bun, the black top, and blush pink circle skirt, I feel like a ballerina. But awkward.


I love these shoes, but I discovered the hard way that they’re not conducive to excessive movement. I have to take very small steps, since there’s no strap to keep them on, and that makes it difficult to teach a lesson to my theatre arts students on movement! I was ten minutes into the lesson before I kicked them off. A glamorous grown up I am not.


This is actually the first time I’ve worn this skirt, mostly because I don’t know what to pair it with. It came in blush, black, and navy, and I bought the blush on a whim because I own too much black and navy. But now I don’t know how to style it! Any thoughts?

Also, my bun was all over the place. Lately I’ve been using that little mesh donut-y thing (let’s be honest, the sock bun with the actual sock is too advanced for my minimal hair-doing skills), but today I just sort of…slapped it up with bobby pins. And I didn’t realize until I got home that a big ol’ chunk of hair had fallen out in the back. Oh well.

I’ll just tell people I saw it on Pinterest.

Tee: Target
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Seychelles Sense of Humor pump via Ross
Necklace: Claire’s


Nail Polish: OPI Katy Perry One That Got Away
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers Music

The Curious Case of the Clown Shoes

8/16/12: The Curious Case of Clown ShoesI

I love these shoes. They’re comfy and quirky and I purchased them for $7.49 about two years ago.

They make me look like I have clown feet.

Do I care?

No, not particularly.

I originally was going to wear a different outfit today, but I liked that outfit so much that I decided to save it for Friday, since I’m going to a party after work. It was also a wee bit rainy today, so flats were definitely in order.

(Also, in case you were curious, I wear anywhere from a size 4 1/2 in children’s to a 6 1/2 in women’s. And because I have massive ex-cheerleader calves, I often go up to a 7 in boots.)

I also forgot that this top needs a cami underneath it. I was attempting to straighten my hair when I raised my arm and saw the entire band of my bra. Now, while some people might embrace this as a sartorial choice, I really don’t want my fifteen high school students to know that their teacher was wearing a blue and yellow polka dot bra today. So cami it was.

Also, this is as straight as my hair gets. And by the end of the day, it was downright wavy. Oy.

Top: Forever 21
Cami: Old Navy
Skirt: Forever 21, thrifted
Belt: came with skirt
Shoes: Xappeal via Rack Room
Headband: Claire’s


Nail Polish: OPI Katy Perry Not Like the Movies
Perfume of the Day: Vera Wang Glam Princess