Outfit of the Day: 20 Shades of Poorly Planned Pink

You know how I said that I tend to dress like crap when I’m not careful? Well, this is an example of me dressing poorly.

And also standing poorly.

And also smiling poorly (to wit: not smiling at all).

And also I am wearing a super cute pink flower in my hair and you can’t see it in either picture.

But now that I’m looking at the picture, the skirt hangs awkwardly on me, and the belt would look better if it was wider (I think), and the shoes are NOT GOOD. Holy hot pink, Batman. Does not match at all. And my lips don’t blend well either. There’s like 20 shades of poorly planned pink going on here, and it needs to stop.

So this is pretty much a fail, all the way around. I at least like the way my eye turned out, though!

I’ve gotten some super awesome advice, though, and I’d love to hear any tip you might have for me, makeup or clothes or hair wise! I’m seriously struggling, y’all.

Also, someone needs to teach me how to smile….

Top: Target
Skirt: Gap
Shoes: Skechers Cali (thrifted)
Hair Flower: handmade by a friend
Belt: Forever 21

Covergirl and Olay corrector
Maybelline Dream BB Cream
Rimmel Match Perfection concealer
Physician’s Formula translucent powder
Rimmel blush in Pink Sorbet

Wet ‘n’ Wild Idol Eyes in Pixi
Physician’s Formula Classic Nude palette
Ben Nye eyeliner in brown
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in Brown
Almay Blue Eyes shadow (brows)
Maybelline One by One mascara
Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara

Maybelline Color Whisper in One Size Fits Pearl
Nyx Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige

Perfume: Bath and Body Works Secret Wonderland

Nail Polish: none! (I need to fix that…still…STILL…I’m so lazy.)

I Look Like a Fourteen-Year-Old


I really love this skirt, but it makes me look very young. But I wore it anyway! I tried pairing it with a button-up shirt to look more grown-up, but it just doesn’t change the fact that I look like a ninth grader.

And then, for Narnia rehearsal, I changed out of the striped button up and put on my Harry Potter tee, so I looked even younger. Oh, well. I was comfy!

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Modcloth via eBay
Leggings: Old Navy
Shoes: Keds, thrifted

Nail Polish: Birchbox Exclusive Color Club in Tweet Me
Perfume of the Day: Gap So Pink



I figured I had better wear these shoes while I still could! Tennessee gets so unpredictable about its weather- it might be sunny and warm and 80 degrees today, and freezing cold the next. And these shoes are so stinkin’ cute. I bought them in the Modcloth 70% sale, which is basically my favorite time of the year ever. These shoes were originally $32.99, and I got them for $8.99! Which is lovely and exciting.

This was a weird, laidback sort of week, since the kids are off Thursday and Friday while the teachers are at an educator’s conference, so we’re just taking a few days to play around with accents and character voices. I made them watch clips of my favorite voice actors and it was awesome!

Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Gap
Shoes: Modcloth Stylish Steps Flat in Musical
Belt: Modcloth

Nail Polish: none!
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers Lil Angel

Practical Educator




In other news, nothing says “I am a practical educator in a private school” like wearing a denim skirt. But do you know what? I like this one. It’s a nice style, it’s comfy, it’s flattering, and my parents offered to pay for it as a gift. So…awesome.

Also, I needed an outfit to go with these purple shoes. Do you know how many outfits match this shade of purple? Not many, my friend. Not many. But they’re incredibly cute and comfy.

This was also my second attempt at wearing the Hiccup necklace, and this time it worked- I had it turned the right way!

I tried a small something different with my hair. My hair curls naturally, usually in a loose and unkempt sort of way, so I touch it up with a curling iron. I usually use a 2″ barrel; today I couldn’t find it (still don’t know how it walked away) so I dug out the 1″ one I use for performances. The smaller curls actually looked pretty dang cute! I might have to work with this one a little more.

Tee: Old Navy
Skirt: Gap
Shoes: Steve Madden via eBay
Necklace: Betsey Johnson via eBay
Headband: Claire’s

Nail Polish: OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers Baby