Amy March from Little Women

This dress didn’t begin life as Amy March. It just kind of…happened.

Picture it: my junior year of college, 2000 and something. My English literature class was doing group projects, and mine decided to do an Oprah-type interview of Jane Austen. Who was selected to play Jane Austen? Me! But I needed a costume.

I ran to Joann’s and grabbed Butterick 6630, their regency-era pattern, and whipped it up in white muslin. I mostly followed the pattern to the letter, although the laced back was a little tricky- I ended up using little white eyes for the loops instead of messing with punching eyelets. I also added a little bit of eyelet to the sleeve cuffs and added a full lining to the skirt, also trimmed with eyelet (I’m always a slut for eyelet). I pulled my hair back in a loose knot, added a pair of black ballet slippers, and it made for a pretty decent Jane Austen costume!

Flash forward to Akaicon 2016. I was planning on attending the masquerade, but I didn’t have a ballgown cosplay completed. And I was running out of time fast (and money- the yardage for ballgowns ain’t cheap). I played around with a couple of options but ended up pulling my white Jane Austen dress out of storage and set to work with a different literary character in mind.

In the book Little Women there’s a scene in the second half where Amy, the youngest sister, is preparing to go to a ball. She ends up taking a hand-me-down white ballgown, adds tulle and some flowers, and goes to the ball without anyone suspecting that she’s wearing someone else’s old dress. In fact, it’s that scene where she runs into Laurie again and…well, I would say spoiler alert but the book was published in the 1880s. But it’s a great scene. Amy’s a great character (not in the beginning, I know, but she grows up to be awesome) and I thought the scene would the perfect setup for an (admittedly obscure) amazing cosplay for the masquerade.

It must be recorded of Amy that she deliberately prinked that night. Time and absence had done its work on both the young people. She had seen her old friend in a new light, not as ‘our boy’, but as a handsome and agreeable man, and she was conscious of a very natural desire to find favor in his sight. Amy knew her good points, and made the most of them with the taste and skill which is a fortune to a poor and pretty woman.

Tarlatan and tulle were cheap at Nice, so she enveloped herself in them on such occasions, and following the sensible English fashion of simple dress for young girls, got up charming little toilettes with fresh flowers, a few trinkets, and all manner of dainty devices, which were both inexpensive and effective. It must be confessed that the artist sometimes got possession of the woman, and indulged in antique coiffures, statuesque attitudes, and classic draperies. But, dear heart, we all have our little weaknesses, and find it easy to pardon such in the young, who satisfy our eyes with their comeliness, and keep our hearts merry with their artless vanities.

“I do want him to think I look well, and tell them so at home,” said Amy to herself, as she put on Flo’s old white silk ball dress, and covered it with a cloud of fresh illusion, out of which her white shoulders and golden head emerged with a most artistic effect. Her hair she had the sense to let alone, after gathering up the thick waves and curls into a Hebe-like knot at the back of her head.

“It’s not the fashion, but it’s becoming, and I can’t afford to make a fright of myself,” she used to say, when advised to frizzle, puff, or braid, as the latest style commanded.

Having no ornaments fine enough for this important occasion, Amy looped her fleecy skirts with rosy clusters of azalea, and framed the white shoulders in delicate green vines. Remembering the painted boots, she surveyed her white satin slippers with girlish satisfaction, and chasseed down the room, admiring her aristocratic feet all by herself.

“My new fan just matches my flowers, my gloves fit to a charm, and the real lace on Aunt’s mouchoir gives an air to my whole dress. If I only had a classical nose and mouth I should be perfectly happy,” she said, surveying herself with a critical eye and a candle in each hand.

In Amy-ish fashion, I dug around to see what I had in my costume supplies, and lo and behold, I found a set of white Ikea Lill curtains, still in their packaging. Basically I had a panel of soft, already hemmed tulle. I cut up the curtains to make a multilayered tulle skirt and added a waistband and a hook and eye and voila! The addition of the long tulle skirt made my simple muslin dress look dreamy.

It wasn’t quite complete though, so I added a blue satin ribbon sash, a blonde wig (the same one I wore for Eleven), and a flower crown from Claire’s. My boots are a beautiful pair of ivory high heeled Seychelles Romance boots that look gorgeous but HURT. I was relieved I was only wearing them for the masquerade because wow, so much pain.

I have a couple of (awkward) photos in the costume, and while no one knew who I was, I was really happy with how it turned out. The fit could have been better and it could have been a little fancier, but for a costume I only wore for two hours it worked really well!

Genderbent Kristoff Bjorgman

So I sewed a young Elsa cosplay instead of the ice dress or the coronation dress, right? So of course I’d make one of those next.


I made a genderbent cosplay of Kristoff’s outfit from Frozen Fever. As one does.

So I was going to the 24 Hour Day in Magic Kingdom with my friend Carrie and we were debating about what to wear (because of course you have to dress up!) She ended up being the Sven to my Kristoff and it was the most magical thing.

I’m sure you’ll be shocked about which pattern I used- Simplicity 1873! Seriously, so versatile. So great.

I used sportswear fabric (sturdy with a bit of stretch) for both the bodice and the skirt; the skirt is a nice simple A-line. The neckline and armscyes are edged in bias tape rather than a full lining (too hot for that!) and I wore the same blouse I used for my young Elsa cosplay underneath, rather than making the collar and sleeves. The sash was a length of maroon fabric stitched together to make an extremely wide long panel long enough to tie and drape. The best part was busting out the embroidery options on my machine- I never use them, but they worked so beautifully on the bodice. I might have used too much embroidery, actually.

For 24-Hour Day, I wore a pair of black T-strap flats from Blowfish (which were amazing, but I wore them out and I can’t find a replacement pair and ergo am devastated) and my custom made Kristoff bow from Ever After Bowtique. Simple, but effective. I also stuffed my Malco Modes petticoat under there, because of course I did.

I pulled the costume out again for my first Akaicon in 2015. The basic costume stayed the same, but I styled it differently. The biggest change was wearing my pale blonde Arda wig instead of using my own hair; I added a gray knitted beret from Claire’s too. It seemed very Kristoffesque.

I also skipped the simple flats and went with the more Kristoff-appropriate option of gray tights from Target and my black Seychelles Gallium boots (also the same ones from my young Elsa cosplay).

I also eliminated the petticoat and added my eyelet-trimmed Wendy Darling bloomers instead. While I truly love my petticoats, they’re not always necessary, and this cosplay definitely looked cuter and more character-appropriate with just the circle skirt. And look how cute the bloomers are with the lace peeking out under the hem!

I haven’t pulled this one out in a long time, but maybe there’ll be another great time to cosplay as everyone’s favorite weirdo ice harvester

“Are you Blonde Belle?” (no.)

Let’s go back to an earlier, simpler time. Fall of 2014. The Frozen craze is at its height. I’m going to Not So Scary, and do I have the time to make Elsa’s ice gown? Or her coronation gown? Absolutely not, I’m a procrastinator. So I settle for young Elsa.

(Source: Britt Myers Art)

I was already off to a pretty good start. I had a Forever 21 blouse in the correct color with the correct collar already, plus I had white gloves, white tights, a black headband, and a pale blonde Arda wig (from my yet-to-be-completed Alice in Wonderland cosplay). I also swapped out the black ballet flats for my black Seychelles Gallium ankle boots. Pretty much I was just looking at the dress.

I used a navy knit from my stash from the bodice; using a knit meant I could eliminate the zipper, and the fit was a lot more comfortable and forgiving. I pretty much just cut rectangles and pinned and stitched until it was a good fit. Originally the skirt was made out of the same knit, but it was too dark and too heavy, so I pulled a medium blue cotton from my stash and made a simple dirndl skirt (plus pockets- you always need pockets, especially for Not So Scary.

Elsa’s dress has a lot of really beautiful embroidery, but did I mention that I’m a procrastinator?

I ended up bringing my Elsa Disney Animator’s Collection doll to Joann’s with me so I could match her embroidery to embroidered ribbon. That’s right, I was that crazy lady walking around in public with a doll. But in the end, I found a great scalloped black trim for the hem, a pretty burgundy satin ribbon, and two kinds of embroidered ribbon in the right colors. Worth it, I guess? Oh, and I also used a navy satin ribbon as a sash.

The floral shape on the bodice turned out to be a nightmare. Originally I cut the petals from fabric and I planned to satin stitch them on as appliques. My sewing machine, it turns out, did not agree. At the last second, I used black fabric paint and traced around the edges; it simulated a stitched edge while also attaching the petals to the bodice. It’s not great, and I fully plan on changing it at some point in the future, but it could be a lot worse.

(Speaking of a lot worse, I hadn’t learned about wig caps. As such, the wig situation was a mess the whole night. Yikes.)

The only real downside to this cute, comfortable, on-trend costume…was that no one knew who I was. All night people asked me if I was blonde Anna or blonde Belle. What a let down. At least Anna and Elsa knew who I was.

All in all, I call this one a win. I really want to pull it out again at some point, especially since my sister is getting me the Sir Jorgenbjorgen plush for Christmas this year. Or maybe I’ll be crazy and remake the whole thing.

Do you want to build a snowman?

The Ravenclaw Dress


I know this is sacrilege in the name of all the is outfit blogging, but I hate taking my pictures outside. The light is always terrible and unpredictable, and I’ve tried different spots all around my house, and it’s always awful. I want to go back to taking pictures indoors.

This is one of my tried-and-true dresses. Charlotte Russe can be very hit-or-miss, but I love this one. It’s strapless and slides around everywhere on the top now that I’ve lost some boobage, so I always wear it with a tank or a tee underneath. And today it was finally chilly, so I added a cardigan too!

The hair was an experiment. I found the tutorial on Pinterest and played around with it at home, but today was the first time I tried wearing it out. I really liked it, and I got a lot of compliments, so maybe I’ll try it again soon!

Although if I try wearing that hairstyle with last week’s sailor dress, someone needs to stop me.

Also, I watched Coraline with my aftercare kids today, and now I need to be her for Halloween.

Dress: Charlotte Russe
Tank: Target
Cardigan: Old Navy
Leggings: Target
Boots Seychelles Gallium via eBay

Nail Polish: OPI Spiderman Into the Night
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers Music

Knee Sock Love

I love knee socks. Always have, always will. It brings back happy memories of high school, wearing my plaid uniform skirt and my beloved knee-highs. Of course, wearing them as a young adult…not quite the same, but still. I love them. And with the weird weather, it’s a nice compromise between tights (too warm for that!) and bare legs (too cold!).

This was a pretty chill day-nothing really exciting happening. Mostly everyone is just ecstatic about fall break next week. It’s seriously all I can think about….

Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Old Navy via eBay
Cardigan: American Eagle
Knee Socks: We Love Colors via eBay
Boots: Seychelles Romance
Necklace: Claire’s

Nail Polish: OPI Spiderman Just Spotted the Lizard
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers Lil Angel



This dress is so wrinkly. I AM A FAILURE OF A GROWNUP.

But I wore this dress for the second day of the educator’s conference, since it’s high-necked and long enough, and the upper elementary principal pointed out with much delight that it looks like a Starfleet uniform. AND SURE ENOUGH IT DOES. I need to get one of the fancy pins to complete the look.

And again, I really wanted to wear my peep-toe flats before it got too cold to wear them without tights! But these are my beloved Seychelles Pansy flats. I have them in the cream color too, but I’m saving them. Or at least until spring.

Also, I am very pleased with my hair. It pleases me.

Dress: Be Carmine dress via Modcloth
Shoes: Seychelles Pansy flats
Headband: Forever 21

Nail Polish: none!
Perfume of the Day: Vera Wang Glam Princess

Teal the Cows Come Home


That’s the name of my nail polish, and it’s so cute that I couldn’t resist.

This skirt reminds me of a hot air balloon. And it’s so comfy! And poofy! I love it.

I actually didn’t wear this outfit for very long today. I worked in the library and taught theatre arts (day 2 of voice acting- we talked about accents!), and then I changed into shorts and a tee shirt for rehearsal. P and I were going to move some furniture after work, but that didn’t pan out. I still looked decently cute, though! I think!

Skirt: Modcloth Aerial Ribbon Skirt via eBay
Cami: Old Navy
Cardigan: Forever 21
Shoes: Seychelles Kiss at Midnight via Ross
Headband: Claire’s

Nail Polish: OPI Teal the Cows Come Home
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers Love

Awkward Turtle


I really need to learn how to pose properly. Maybe I’ll start doing all the cliche fashion blogger poses just so I can not look so awkward.

Anyways. I love this dress, poofiness and all. It’s a full gathered skirt with a full gathered underlayer, so it can be somewhat ginormous. All right, maybe not somewhat. Maybe really ginormous. But it’s cute, right?

Well, I at least paired it with heels, which gave me the somewhat ungainly look of a top-heavy flower on a too-skinny stem. But I was comfortable and I felt cute, and that’s all that matters, right?

The high school students are all on their beginning-of-the-year retreat, so I have very little to do right now. Today I just worked on things for the school play for two hours, then had aftercare with only the middle schoolers. So yeah. Quiet. I didn’t need to do much. But I still looked cute!

We’ll just ignore the “I don’t feel like caring today” ponytail.

Dress: Lavender Labyrinth dress via Modcloth
Cardigan: Target
Shoes: Seychelles Sense of Humor pumps in pink via Ross

Nail Polish: OPI Burlesque Rising Star
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers Baby

Awkward Ballerina


Really, that’s the best description I have for this. Between the bun, the black top, and blush pink circle skirt, I feel like a ballerina. But awkward.


I love these shoes, but I discovered the hard way that they’re not conducive to excessive movement. I have to take very small steps, since there’s no strap to keep them on, and that makes it difficult to teach a lesson to my theatre arts students on movement! I was ten minutes into the lesson before I kicked them off. A glamorous grown up I am not.


This is actually the first time I’ve worn this skirt, mostly because I don’t know what to pair it with. It came in blush, black, and navy, and I bought the blush on a whim because I own too much black and navy. But now I don’t know how to style it! Any thoughts?

Also, my bun was all over the place. Lately I’ve been using that little mesh donut-y thing (let’s be honest, the sock bun with the actual sock is too advanced for my minimal hair-doing skills), but today I just sort of…slapped it up with bobby pins. And I didn’t realize until I got home that a big ol’ chunk of hair had fallen out in the back. Oh well.

I’ll just tell people I saw it on Pinterest.

Tee: Target
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Seychelles Sense of Humor pump via Ross
Necklace: Claire’s


Nail Polish: OPI Katy Perry One That Got Away
Perfume of the Day: Harajuku Lovers Music

Tuesday’s Ten: Seychelles

I have become obsessed with Seychelles. You have no clue. My feet are so small that I got in the habit of just buying shoes from the children’s department. Or clearance shoes from Charlotte Russe. Or, if I wanted to splurge, from Rack Room or Payless. Seychelles were just a dream, something to idolize on fashion blogs.

And then I stumbled across a pair of Seychelles at Ross, and in two months I purchased six pairs.


Except I’m not sorry. They’re amazing.

So here’s ten more pairs of Seychelles I would totally buy right this second!

I already have the Seychelles Pansy in cream, but I want them in black too.

All right, so I want them in fuchsia too.

I love the combination of black and mint in the Seychelles Freesia.

The Seychelles All Dressed Up in black is such a classy shoe. And I love T-straps. Do I actually own any T-straps? I can’t remember. I think I have one pair…

If only I had found the Seychelles I Do before my wedding!

But I want to redo my whole wedding anyway.

That’s another story.

I would track down the Seychelles Slap On the Wrist in a heartbeat if I could know for sure that they would fit over my massive calves. I HAVE REALLY BIG CALVES, YOU GUYS.

I would wear the Seychelles Jumpin’ the broom all the time. All. The. Time.