Welcome back, #sww. I’m celebrating your return with thirteen hours of tours into the movies and getting yelled at during fireworks. At least I’m halfway through the day! (And tomorrow is Princess Day with @bri_ecrit so I have that to look forward too.) #starwarsweekends2015 (at Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood Studios, WDW)


I am in day two of a migraine.

It is a 13 hour day.

It’s the first day of Star Wars Weekends.

I have to work fireworks tonight.

Someone please send caffeine. Or a time turner.

(I will also accept sappy fluffy drabbles because those always cheer me up.)

Also can we talk about how I had to train and assess on the new GMR script two days ago and then go right back to the old one, but I have to be ready to go on the new one?

I’m going to die.