OOTD: The Last Jedi

Shane and I finally went to Disney Springs to see The Last Jedi. Finally. I don’t know how I managed to avoid spoilers for nearly a month, but I did it and boy howdy, was that a great movie. It’s not my favorite Star Wars film, and it made a lot of risky choices, but overall it was a really strong movie and I had a great time.

It has been absolutely freezing in Florida. Freezing as in I was standing at the merge point at work and watched flurries falling. It’s a terrible time to work a completely outdoor attraction. They had to pull most of the animals off the reserve, but on the upside the park was super empty. I layered the crap out of my costume- leggings, thick fuzzy socks, and a sweatshirt under my work shirt and pants, and then my work coat and a white knit hat. But I can’t find my gloves, so my hands were so cold. I couldn’t even signal my row numbers with my hands while I was loading!

It was still cold for the movie, so I got to dig my rarely-worn but much-loved winter coat out of the back of the closet. And my favorite boots! These Blowfish boots literally feel like slippers. I need to see if I can find more pairs in different colors. I’ll only be able to wear them a couple of times a year, but it’s worth it, right?

But now I need to see The Last Jedi again.

Top: Forever 21

Jeggings: Target

Boots: Blowfish

Coat: Forever 21

Glasses: Eye Buy Direct (Sophie frames)

And then you’ve got rhinos and shit charging your trainee!! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT, FELICIA? What do you do, get a broom and whack at it?

Caleb, talking about training at Kilimanjaro Safaris. (Also apparently a guest has been blacklisted for punching a giraffe in the face. That is a thing that has happened.)

The One with My Least Favorite Disney Attraction

Rewind to the spring of 2006…

I was working at Disney World in Florida as a College Program cast member (specifically as a Great Movie Rider). I had never been to Disney’s Animal Kingdom before, so I went with a friend of mine.

We decided to go to the It’s Tough to be a Bug! attraction- it’s one of those sensory overload 3-D shows. Initially I was excited, because Bug’s Life is a good movie. As you can see from the photo, taken minutes before the show started, I seemed quite delighted. But I forgot a key issue.

I’m bugaphobic.

Well, specifically arachnophobic, but you know.

I thought I would be okay, but the show begins with a 3-D tarantula. I immediately screamed and yanked off my glasses. It was a cute, happy, smiley tarantula but still for the love of God it was a tarantula.

I put the glasses back on and thought I could get through the rest of the show, but then Hopper appeared, yapped about teaching the humans what it’s like to be a bug, and then shouted “BLACK WIDOWS ATTACK.”

Giant rubber spiders leaped down from the ceiling and danced around my head. I promptly screamed like a two-year-old tourist. Like literally, tears. Everywhere.

By the time the show was over and the seat underneath rumbled as the “bugs left the theater,” I was a sobbing, shaking mess.

My friend was mortified.

I had to go eat my body weight in ice cream afterwards.