A year and a half ago I trained as Mugsi Toccata, and on the 18th I’m going to train as Kate Durango! I’ve been waiting eagerly to become a bandit and I’m so excited to start blowing banks and riding off into the sunset! #thelittlestbandit #mediakatedurango #greatmovieride #disneycastmember (at The Great Movie Ride)

Ok, but who is going to cos play as leia, at Disneyland and demand that Kylo get his butt home right now, because he is in SO much trouble. Totally 100% grounded.



Well, adults aren’t allowed to cosplay at Disneyland, but children are. And having a tiny smol baby Leia tell Kylo Ren he’s grounded would probably be the one of the greatest blessings in the world.


um so I might have actually done this…

…I also might have told him I was taking away his holonet privileges.

It was technically a disneybound! I made the dress and vest (the night before, so it’s not my best work) and wore them with tights and combat boots, so it wasn’t a straight up costume. But it was so much fun. I called him Ben and he stamped his foot.

A year ago this month I joined the most infamous crime family at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I’ve hijacked a ton of tour guides, made dozens of children cry, attempted to steal the treasure of the gods about a bajillion times, and shot out that red light a hundred times a day (or, you know, made Beans do it for me). Proud to be a part of this crazy family. #thelittlestmugsi (at The Great Movie Ride)

My mom still teases me because this is the one place I tried to run away in when she took me to Disney when I was five. HAHA MOM YOU CAN’T TEASE ME ANYMORE. (Also, it seems appropriate that I was disneybounding as Kylo Ren for this photo.) (at Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: Movie Set Adventure)

Dress: Bells of London, Ohio dress from Modcloth

Sneakers: Faded Glory

Flower Crown: handmade