My Akaicon 2017 Lineup

I do this to myself every year. Every year I swear I’m going to get a jumpstart on my cosplays for Akaicon, and every year I wait until a month before the con and think “oh…I should probably get started.” Procrastination is my way of life, I suppose.

At least I made my selections early on, so even though I’m leaving for the con on August 2nd (yikes!) I’m not trying to pick out cosplays at the last second. It’s a nice balance of cosplays that need minor work and bigger projects, so I’m feeling mostly confident that I can get everything done. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Eleven from Stranger Things

I put my Eleven cosplay together for last year’s con and loved it. It was so comfortable, but I was still immediately identifiable as Eleven. I also didn’t have to do much sewing for it either. While I’m not immediately planning to wear it at the con, I learned my first year how beneficial it is to have a back up cosplay for those days when a cosplay goes wrong or you just need to be comfortable.

General Leia from The Force Awakens

I already wore a version of this before, but never at a con. I made it very quickly, so the tunic could use some work, and I’ll probably make a brand new vest. It’s a simple cosplay, but since the con is sci-fi themed this year I’m anticipating a lot of Kylo Rens and Han Solos to take pictures with. I’ll probably wear this one on Friday to get things started.

Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service

I’ve had this cosplay in progress for absolutely ages. Right now the dress is mostly made; it just needs some finishing touches and it’ll be ready to go. I’ve already ordered the red bow, and I have the shoes, purse, and cat plush ready to go. This one will probably be Saturday night, after the cosplay competition when I’m tired and want to be comfortable.

Party Girl Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens

This is another cosplay that I planned for last year but never made. I’ve already purchased everything (including the wig and props) and all of the pieces for the dress are cut but never got around to constructing it. It’ll take a weekend of sewing, but I think I can manage it pretty easily. Party dresses are right in my wheelhouse.

Risqué Alice in Wonderland

This is one that I may or may not do, depending on time. Akai holds a risqué competition every year, and I’ve got a half made Alice cosplay that will never be finished because I cut the bodice wrong. I’ve been toying with the idea of turning it into a tearaway outfit and participating in risqué. I’m saving this project for last, in case I run out of time, so we’ll see how this one goes.

Historically Accurate(ish) Elsa from Frozen

This is it. This is the big one. I’ve entered the cosplay contest two years in a row without putting a lot of effort- I entered cosplays that I enjoyed more for the sake of getting feedback and getting the chance to walk across the stage. More like practice runs than actually competing. This year I’m determined to put my best foot forward, and my dream project is creating an Elsa cosplay that pulls from the correct time period (Frozen should be set between 1820s-1840s) and also draws from Brittney Lee’s concept art, as seen here. I want to make the ice gown as a softer, more historically accurate version. It still won’t be perfect- I’ll probably use zippers and I’m definitely not about to sew it by hand- but I have a specific look I’d like to achieve, and that includes making the proper layers of chemise, bloomers, petticoats, and stays.

So that’s my plan for Akaicon 2017! I feel like I’ll have just enough time to get it all done…as long as I start sewing right this second.

Ok, but who is going to cos play as leia, at Disneyland and demand that Kylo get his butt home right now, because he is in SO much trouble. Totally 100% grounded.



Well, adults aren’t allowed to cosplay at Disneyland, but children are. And having a tiny smol baby Leia tell Kylo Ren he’s grounded would probably be the one of the greatest blessings in the world.


um so I might have actually done this…

…I also might have told him I was taking away his holonet privileges.

It was technically a disneybound! I made the dress and vest (the night before, so it’s not my best work) and wore them with tights and combat boots, so it wasn’t a straight up costume. But it was so much fun. I called him Ben and he stamped his foot.