three and a half hours to go


Hogwarts Aesthetics – Hufflepuff House

“You might belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal;
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, and unafraid of toil.”

The house of Helga Hufflepuff was undeniably the most unpopular house in all of Hogwarts; it was referred to as being the ‘Wimpy house’. The fact that most of the students that were sorted in Hufflepuff, had a great tolerance for people in general, as well as the desire to care for creatures, humans, and plants alike, caused a lot of misconceptions about Hufflepuffs, and the house in which they were sorted.

Another thing that gave Hufflepuffs an undesirable reputation, was the fact that they were so often not paying attention in class (unless it was Care of Magical Creatures or Herbology); it wasn’t that they didn’t want to learn, it was the fact that they were so often day-dreaming, or thinking of ways to help others. Though they had noble intentions, this caused for a lot of people to scorn and look down upon them.

Although Hufflepuffs were indeed patient and kind (to a fault), they were also incredibly feisty and opinionated; something that came out especially when someone would bully a fellow Hufflepuff.

Pieces are cut and pinned and the little dragon is napping elsewhere (and off my patterns).

But my sewing machine is in the car.


(Also yes I still have not cleaned up my pile of fairy godmother/Cinderella fabric scraps.)

(Have I posted a picture of Fairy Godmother? Cause that bitch turned out fabulous.)

Cinderella’s Rags Breakdown

So after a really long hiatus, I’ve decided to start sewing again. And since my first Not So Scary party of the year is in a week, I figured I should start now with something simple. I’ve always thought Cinderella’s rags were actually kind of pretty, plus my friend is going as the fairy godmother (which I also have to make, oops) so it’s perfect.

The dress is pretty simple- loose ¾ length sleeves, a slightly fitted bodice, and an A-line skirt. All it needs from there is an apron, a pair of black ballet flats, and a blue hair ribbon. Sometimes Cindy also wears a white kerchief, but I probably won’t bother with that. But really, it’s just a hemmed square of white cloth, so I’m not really concerned if I do decide to make it.

While her skirt in the movie is an A line shape, I think it’ll translate better in real life as a circle or half circle skirt. Probably a full circle, because I have a penchant for spinning. In order to have more fullness, I’m going to add a gathered muslin slip layer underneath. Basically a tulle-free petticoat. Besides, Cinderella most likely had some kind of plain petticoat under her dress if this was an actual time period. Also, petticoats are fun.

And because I’m a sensible human I’m also adding pockets.

Typically I’m a big proponent of getting lifelike fabrics. Like…if I was doing Snow White’s dress, I’d get velvet for the bodice and matte satin for the skirt, maybe with some embroidered texture to it, rather than just solid cotton or costume satin. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! That’s just what I like to do personally. I was thinking about that for this project- corduroy for the bodice and heavy linen for the skirt- but I’m on a time crunch and I’d rather grab accurate colors than search for the Perfect Fabrics. Besides, they’re rags. Cinderella probably wore cotton.

So all in all I bought:

3 1/2 yards white muslin for the petticoat and apron
2 1/2 yards light brown cotton for the skirt
1 yard dark brown cotton for the bodice
½ yard light blue cotton for the sleeves
14” dark brown zipper
6 yards white eyelet trim for the petticoat (yes I am that weirdo)
1 yard blue ribbon for my hurr

And a pair of black ballet flats, because I have a pair and they’re painfully too small and I really should get rid of them.

Next up: cutting pieces

Look of the Day: Rainy Days

Oh, it’s so gloomy today. Blech. That means it’s the perfect day for neon lips and a neon heart sweater, right?

Of course, a rainy and humid day means poofy, frizzy hair. Double blech. Anyone have hair suggestions? At the moment, I just let it air dry and spritzed with leave in conditioner, and used an anti-frizz cream. Somehow I don’t think it’s working.

Makeup Tutorial: Spring Makeup Neon Pop by missglamorazzi

Is this the first missglamorazzi tutorial I’ve done? I think it is! I love her videos so much, though. She was the first beauty blogger I discovered and I literally spent my spring break watching all of her videos and taking copious notes. It’s a little sad how many notes I took.

Anyways, the focal point for this is the neon lips, but personally I’m not sure how I feel about the neon on my face. It could just be that I’m not used to seeing bright lipstick on myself, though. And it’s not nearly as vibrant in the pictures as it is on my face!

Maybe I just need to get used to neon stuff.

Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Faded Glory
Flipflops: Disney World!


Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream
Nyx concealer stick in Porcelain
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Cream
Hard Candy baked blush in Living Doll


Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
Covergirl trio in Shimmering Sands (middle shade)
Covergirl liquiliner in brown
Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara


Mox lip butter in Pomegranate and Fig (Birchbox sample)
Maybelline Vivids in Shocking Coral


Perfume: Harajuku Lovers in Love

Nail Polish: Sephora by OPI in Miss Bossy Pants (from the Glee collection)

Is there a tutorial you want me to try or a product you want me to review? Ask me here!

Look of the Day: 1920s

Look of the Day: 1920s

I have always been so scared of sidebuns! I was afraid they would make my head look fat and lopsided. Which is…admittedly…a strange fear. But still! I LOVE how this hair and makeup turned out. Like, totally.


#1: I spritzed leave-in conditioner (the Healthy Sexy Hair stuff, purchased for super cheapo at Ross) on second day hair, combed it out, and teased the top a bit.

#2: I gathered the hair into a loose ponytail on the side, teased it, and kinda…piled it up into a loose loopy bun. And then stuck bobby pins in it till it looked okay. And then put in a little flower snap clip that a friend made for me.

#3: Spritz all the hairs with hairspray, straighten the bangs, and voila!

Makeup Tutorial: Simple Spring Look by melmphs

Melissa cracks me up so much, you guys! She’s a Tennessee girl like me and she’s hilarious. No filter whatsoever, and I love it. She’s so sweet and extroverted and friendly and her videos are super fun.

I didn’t do false lashes or a quite-as-bright lipstick, and I didn’t do the smokey-bottom-lash stuff, but I REALLY love how this look turned out on me. And I especially love how it works with the hair.


Dress: Forever21
Shoes: Payless
Hair flower: made by a friend


Covergirl 3 in 1 Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation in 805 Ivory
Rimmel Match Perfection concealer
Nyx cream blush in Natural


Wet ‘n’ Wild trio in Sweet as Candy
Physician’s Formula Malibu Strip
Elf 100 shadow palette
Maybelline gel liner in brown
Covergirl liquiliner in black
Maybelline The Rocket mascara in blackest black (waterproof)


Revlon lip butter in Sweet Tart


Perfume: Bath and Body Works Paris in Bloom

Nail Polish: Sephora by OPI Miss Bossy Pants (from the Glee collection)

Want to see me attempt a particular look or tutorial? Want to see a review on a product? Want me to make a video? Ask me here!

Look of the Day: I’m Gonna Wreck It!

I am seriously in love with this shirt. I searched all over Disney World when I was there in March for a Wreck It Ralph shirt, with no success. So where do I find it? Walmart. For five dollars. I BOUGHT IT THEN AND THERE.

I typically wouldn’t wear jeans and a graphic tee to work, but I’m just in outservice now and cleaning my classroom, so I don’t gotta be fancy or nothin’.

Hair and Makeup: Katie’s Everyday Routine from A Beautiful Mess

Have you ever seen Katie on A Beautiful Mess or on her blog, Skunkboy Creatures? She is perfect. Absolutely flawless. Her life is perfect and beautiful and her husband is gorgeous and her daughters are beautiful and she dresses wonderfully and her house is filled with perfectly curated vintage finds and her hair. HER HAIR. Her hair is the most glorious shade of red imaginable.

Excuse me while I go eat jellybeans in the corner.

Anyways. I don’t look nearly as ethereally lovely (the Walmart Wreck It Ralph tee kind of negates any attempt at looking perfectly hipster twee), but I think it’s a sweet, simple look. I’ll probably try it again…if I can convince my hair to stop being so fluffy. That’s the only way I can describe my hair. It’s fluffy.

Also, I bet five bucks my hair ends up in a ponytail before the end of the day.

#1: Wash it, spritz on detangler (I use Dove), and let it air dry. I don’t think I even own a hair dryer…

#2: Spritz with Tresseme heat protectant, attempt to curl, and despair over hair’s stubborn fluffiness.

#3: Comb through gently, add Moroccan oil, shrug at your reflection, and stick a hair tie in your pocket.

Tee: Walmart
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Skechers

Covergirl and Olay corrector
Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch in Ivory
Physician’s Formula powder in Peach Nude
theBalm blush in Hot Mama (Birchbox sample)

L’oreal Infallible shadow in Bronzed Taupe (brows)
L’oreal Infallible shadow in Iced Latte
Maybelline Master Duo liquid liner in Blackest Black
Maybelline Mega Plush mascara

Fresh Sugar balm in Rose (Sephora sample)

: Bath and Body Works Hawaii Coconut

Nail Polish: OPI I Juggle…Men (from the Femme du Cirque collection)